Weekly Honorable Mentions: 10/17

Weekly Honorable Mentions was an idea I had probably about a month ago but never got around to actually doing. The idea is simple. There are a lot of great comics that I read but either choose not to review or don’t have time to add. Weekly Honorable Mentions is the answer to that. Each week separate from my reviews, I will have a post full of little points about the comics I also read this week. It is my way of sharing my opinions and views on things or letting you in on some news without having to put full-time in on a review.

Now this week will be a little longer because I got lazy and didn’t get around to writing my reviews. I am really sorry, I just have been so swamped with WoW and trying to find balance is harder than I first thought. That will hopefully change this week.

Post contains: Birds of Prey #13, Wonder Woman #13, Sword of Sorcery #1, DC Universe Presents #13, AvX: Consequences #2, Marvel Now Point One #1

Post contains spoilers

Birds of Prey

This week starts off a new arc in which Katana’s sword is stolen and the Birds have to get it back in their current weakened state. It gives us some more light on the character of Katana since she is going to be a member in the new JLA.

Wonder Woman

I am still a huge fan of the current solo Wonder Woman title, but it seems to be in a bit of a lull right now. We had the shock of Hermes running off with Zola’s baby, but since then not a whole lot has happened. Wonder Woman however is going after other demi-gods for help.

Sword of Sorcery

I am actually really enjoying the Amethyst story so far. I had no idea who the character was before now but I like where this is going. I haven’t really been reading the Beowulf half but from what I gather it is the story of Beowulf, but in some kind of future gone backwards type world. You see bits and pieces of a future like world but everyone is dressed in fur and armor and using swords.

DC Universe Presents

Most weeks this title doesn’t catch my eye but its current story is a team up between Blue Devil and Black Lightning. This is the first time both of these characters have been seen in the New 52 and it is an odd team up. I know nothing really about the characters but if you are a fan it might be worth checking out.

AvX: Consequences

We finally see a talk between Wolverine and Cyclops. Not a whole lot new comes out from this and it is unclear if Captain America’s plan to ask Cyclops for help works. But Cyclops might have other problems in jail which could prove painful.

Marvel Now Point One

Marvel Now is basically a new wave of Marvel Comics. It is not so much a reboot or relaunch of anything but their way of promoting a lot of new comics. This issue sheds some light on some of those new titles including: FF#1, Young Avengers #1, Nova #1, Cable & X-Force #1, Secret Avengers #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #1. Now these are not coming out all at once so you won’t be to overwhelmed by them. I can’t remember how many Marvel Now titles there are but this six titles span from November to February.



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