November 7th-13th Honorable Mentions

Sorry reviews have been missing over the past few weeks. This week and after I will be working hard to get them up earlier in the week. I thought I would start off with this weeks honorable mentions. For those who missed my last post like this, honorable mentions is something new I am doing. While I read tons and tons of comics each week I don’t always review them for different reasons. But sometimes there is something cool that I don’t want you guys to miss out on. Honorable mentions is my way of letting you guys know without having to write a full review.

This week we have, Green Arrow #14, World’s Finest #6,  Avenging Spider-Man #14, AvX: Consequences #5, and Iron Man #1.

Post contains spoilers

Green Arrow #14

The major thing about this issue is the meeting of Green Arrow and Hawkman. If you have been reading Hawkman you know he is on the run. While running and fighting he runs into Green Arrow who lends a hand. This meeting I am sure will lead to the two being in JLA together. Whenever that book actually comes out. The story continues in the next issues of Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Deathstroke.

World’s Finest #6

This is actually a really fantastic issue for any Batfamily fans. We have a clash between Huntress and Robin. And with Damian’s sharp eye, he can tell there is more to her then he knows. The two do battle on the roofs of Gotham until Power Girl finally shows up to break it up. But to get to the bottom of who is really stealing Batman’s money, Huntress will have to come clean and team up with the boy wonder. But else where, someone with boom tube tech wants to shut down Power Girl’s new project.

Avenging Spider-Man #14

Horizon Labs has come to the Savage Lands to do some work. However, Peter Parker has been to the Savage Lands before and he knows what can happen. Considering each time he does come here it ends up being life or death. The trip quickly goes south when Peter comes back to camp to find the rest of Horizon Labs being held prisoner by dinos. It is time for some Spider-Man. Yet when he is in trouble, it is Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy who come to save the day! Something from the outside world is corrupting the Savage Lands and they need his help to stop it!

AvX: Consequences #5

AvX: Consequences ends with a bang as Cyclops is broken out of jail! Magneto, Magik, and Danger work together to break Cyclops out and even get away before the Avengers can even get there. But Cyclops’ battle is not with the Avengers when they get out. He wants to get back to trying to save the world his way. Their journey will continue in X-men #1! Meanwhile Hope continues her search for Cable and eventually he finds her. With the knowledge of him being safe and okay, Hope can finally get on with her life, but you can follow their relationship and much more in Cable & X-Force #1.

Iron Man #1

While Tony Stark is busy being Tony Stark, he hears some terrible news. Maya Hansen is dead and Extremis is on the loose. Someone had kidnapped Maya and had her reconstruct Extremis and Tony can not let it get loose. While he is able to track down the seller and stop him, four people have already bought it. Now Tony must stop them so that Maya’s work won’t become something twisted.



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