Review of Earth 2 #6

“I’ve heard it said that a hero is someone who undertakes a dangerous action despite being afraid. Sure hope that’s true. ‘Cause I am terrified.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Another great issue and a fine end to the first story arc. The issue opens with Khan being restrained and Sloan denying his request to warn the Atom and the others of the incoming nuclear missiles. Meanwhile, in D.C. the Atom, Hawkgirl and Flash are trying to hold back Grundy in the hope that Alan’s plan works. It is a fight they are losing. They are not so much holding Grundy back as they are slowing him down. Alan does not have much time. Alan is eventually able to shake free the illusion of Sam, his recently deceased lover and through the Grey he learns how to stop Grundy.

The dead matter continues to spread across the world as Khan begs the Council to call off the missile strike. Sloan continues to argue that it is the only way to stop the dead matter from spreading further. Don’t worry, Alan has a plan. Never mess with a pissed off Alan Scott when he has a plan. Just before Grundy reaches him, Alan awakens and grabs Grundy. He flies off into the sky, to just outside the atmosphere. The Atom tries to once again grab Hawkgirl, but Jay grabs her and the two run off. Alan uses his ring to create a claw construct and grabs the missiles. He throws them off into space. He feels himself weakening as he far abaove the Earth. He uses the last of his energy to throw Grundy to the moon, then he falls.

Luckily for him Hawkgirl is there to slow his decent. Meanwhile Khan gloats to Sloan as reports come in that Grundy and the missiles have gone. Alan explains his plan to Hawkgirl and Flash. He figured that Grundy drew his power from the Grey and vice versa. SO by throwing Grundy to the moon he broke the connection. Grundy is “alive” and pissed off, but he is contained(for now). ALan also learned that he has the same limitation. His powers from the Green are only effective while he is on Earth. Alan gives the Earth a “booster shot” to aid in the healing process.

The three wonders finally have time to properly introduce themselves to each other and thank each other for the help. Flash immediately starts planning on them being a new super hero team, until Alan cuts him off. He explains that while he was grateful for their help he does not need them nor does he want to be on a team. He flies off leaving Hawkgirl and Flash at a loss as to what to do next.

So, they are not a team yet. I use the term “Yet” because they will be a team, eventually. Next issue we learn more about Hawkgirl and Mr Terrific. Remember Mr Terrific? He got zapped to Earth 2 way back in issue #2. Well, I guess DC finally remembered him too. I for one am eager to see Fate. Hawkgirl mentions that Fate showed her the way to find Flash and mentions that he’s a guy. Also in issue #8 we get to see Earth 2’s “last Amazon”.

This book is what the New 52 should have been. Familiar characters, but with modified origins and you meet them at the ground floor. Also since this is the only book taking place on Earth 2 it greatly reduces the chances for continuity errors. I am really liking all of the characters so far.


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