Review of Green Lantern Corps #14

“I know all too well what you are capable of.”

***Contains Spoilers***

The Green Lantern Corps has met the Third Army and it is not going well for them. Lantern Vandor was turned by the Third Army after they ripped off his arm in an ambush near Saturn. Guy and the others attempt to contain the Third Army, but their efforts prove ineffective. The Third Army easily rips through the Green Lantern constructs, all the while the Guardians observe through the mind-link they share with their brutal creations. Guy does his best to motivate his fellow Lanterns, but one by one they fall and soon he is alone. Guy escapes, but the Guardians are not worried. They tell Xar that he is not to be harmed, they feel that in his current state that he will do more to undermine the Corps than if he were killed. They do promise Xar that he can kill Guy when they decide.

Before leaving the Solar system Guy sends three constructs to Earth to abduct his family. He has them taken to the Justice League, where he asks the League to protect them.

Back on Oa Kilowog demands to speak to Salaak. Kilowg mentions that his training classes seem a lighter than they should be. Salaak tells him he must be mistaken as his records indicate everything is as it should be. To prove Kilowog incorrect he takes him to Foundry. There they learn that there is a stasis protocol in effect that is preventing the rings from leaving Oa. Salaak admits that he has found several inconsistencies while archiving records, such as how the Guardians got the footage of John killing Kirrt and why they did not show the whole of the footage that proved John’s side of the story. Salaak and Kilowog agree to keep this to themselves and dispatch B’dg to Earth to search for Hal.

John is still out trying to track down the remnants of Mogo, which seems to be leading him all over the place, when he is visited by an old friend, Fatality.

Guy returns to Oa where he immediately ordered to report to the Citadel. Once there the Guardians put him on an impromtu public trial. He abandoned his post, which led to all of the delegates he was supposed to be protecting being murdered. Then, he allowed the other Lanterns with him to be killed by an “unknown enemy”(Oh, they know about them). The Guardians ask for Guy’s resignation, which he angrily gives. They send him back to Earth, where he is alone.

WOW, I did not see this coming. Well, know the Green Lanterns know of the existence of the Third Army. We also know a few things. A Green Lantern cannot be turned unless his ring is removed(or arm, or hand). I assume this holds true for the other Lantern corps. However it is yet to be seen how they do against constructs from the other corps. I assume we will find out soon enough. We also learned that Guy(possible all Green Lanterns) can outrun them at least it’s something.

Kilowog and Salaak know something is wrong and suspect the Guardians but what can they do? This brings up the question of what anyone can do? I assume that the First Lantern holds the key to destroying the Third Army, but we still know so very little about him. It is unclear if he would be willing or able to do anything. Plus aside from the Guardians the only person to even know of the First Lantern is Black Hand and he is locked in the Chamber of Shadows. I also wonder why Fatality tracked down John. I doubt it was just to catch up or say hello. Perhaps it has something to do with the deal the Zammorans struck with the Guardians. I enjoyed this issue and I am really looking forward to everyone coming together.


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