Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #14

“You were good once, Red Hood–I even remember one particular time when you saved my life.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This month’s issue features the team’s first encounter with Superman. Well, Jason has met him before and we aren’t sure about Roy, but Kori has never met him before. They knew of each other but never met. Apparently Superman is one of the few thigns in life that scare Jason. He is just so freaking powerful, I can’t say I blame Jason for that.

So, Superman tracks them down to ask Kori about Helspont. Does he call, text or e-mail? No, he flies up alongside their ship and knocks on the bulkhead. As they discuss the options of fighting or fleeing Isabel is the only one that makes sense. “Just ask him what he wants” Her suggestion is of course dismissed. The decide to beam back to Earth(since they are in range). Kori and Roy think they ditched him, but Jason knows Superman and knows it won’t be that easy. Superman shows up and tries to calmly talk while Jason waves a gun in his face(you would think he’d know better) and Isabel once again tries to apply reason to the situation. As he stands there calmly Superman is attacked by Roy and then Kori. Superman easily deflects her attack and outsmarts Roy’s special “gel” arrow by increasing his body temp to burn it. The Outlaws regroup for another attack when they are interrupted.

Isabel finally gets everyone’s attention and gets them to realize that Superman just wants to talk. He asks Kori about Helspont(see Superman Annual #1). She mentions that she was approached to join him as was Superman and several other “off-worlders”. That was all Superman wanted. Jason threatens him again and Roy tells him to say “Hey” to Green Arrow. That was it. That was all he wanted, 2 minutes of their time. Talk about trust issues.

They agree to give Isabel a ride back to Gotham, where Jason tells Roy and Kori he is gonna hang around for a couple days. He spends the night with Isabel and after a late night shower calls for Isabel. Her silence makes him uneasy and he breaks off the curtain rod to go investigate(seriously maybe she just didn’t hear you). He finds her over dosed in the living room. He knows addicts(his best friend used to be one) and she is no addict. He notices that the weather man on the t.v. is talking to him. The Joker is behind this and he called the police. Jason screams a death threat at the t.v. as the S.W.A.T. team storms in.

The best part of this issue(the only part I enjoyed actually) was the last few pages. There is no one in the multiverse that Jason hates more than the Joker. In Batman #14 Joker said that he would have Batman kill the members of the Bat Family. I am not sure how he will go about this, but I am eager to see how it plays out. I can only imagine how people like Babs and Jason feel now that the Joker is back. I also wonder if Joker will tell Jason that he was the one behind the scenes manipulating Jason’s life. He wouldn’t have become Robin if it weren’t for Joker.

So, the rest of the issue was poor. Sure, Superman could have called or gone through a less ominous channel than knocking on the side of the space ship. However, Jason evens says that if Superman wants someone he will find them, so running was a little foolish. Then they just attack while he calmly floats there. The civilian is the one who finally(after a few attempts) is the voice of reason. The conversation Supes wanted to have took two minutes. We also learn why Kori never met up with Superman before this. Her people didn’t like Krpytonians. I guess it is nice to learn that racism is a galactic issue, it’s just an Earth problem.

The next few issues all deal with the Death of the Family crossover. The Outlaws meet the Teen Titans in our next issue. I see a lot of continuity problems surfacing. The timing of all the Death of the Family issues has been problematic so far. Not sure exactly when this is occurring in relation to Batman #14 or Batgirl #14. Only time will tell

2 Responses to “Review of Red Hood and the Outlaws #14”

  1. davidnappy Says:

    I don’t think the joker meant batman would kill them himself as much as the secret batman kept would cause their deaths. Also Jason stated in the issue that he knew his handguns would do nothing physically to superman but was hoping to piss him off to create an opening for Kori or Roy. Also their reaction to superman was justified by his own comment that had batman not vouched for them he would have come to arrest them for their supposed crimes in the United States.

  2. I understand that Superman is the world’s biggest boy scout and Jason and the gang are less than law abiding citizens(okay they are criminals), however even Jason said that if SUperman wants you he is going to get you.

    I agree with you about the secret thing though. Thanks for the comment

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