Off to the zoo! A review of Deadpool #2

Sadly I did not get around to reviewing Deadpool #1 but it was flipping fantastic! Go read it right now and then come back and read this review. Major things to know. Deadpool is healing again and presidents have been brought back to try to fix the United States the best way they see fit…Destroy it all and start over!

Post contains spoilers

At the end of last issue Deadpool find where most of the presidents were hiding out but sadly Abe Lincoln blew his brains out. After a very nice day-dream with some of the Marvel universes biggest babes, he finally comes back to find he is not alone at all! Benjamin Franklin is there to help Deadpool! Now while Ben is not a president he is there but on his own terms. It seems that he learned how to stay around after death and has been chilling since. He is sad to see so many old friends doing evil things and wants to help Deadpool. This might be the greatest team up in the history of team ups.

Elsewhere Washington and Kennedy have found the one who brought them back from the dead. The presidents need an army so they have brought him to a military graveyard to rally the troops. He tries to put up a fight and he can already see that this was the wrong way to go about things but it is too late. They finally are able to convince him to raise the army and that is when things get really bad.

Deadpool checks in with S.H.I.E.L.D. to let them know he lost him but he has now teamed up with Ben Franklin. They don’t have time to even question him it seems that Teddy Roosevelt is big game hunting in the L.A. Zoo. Now I have to say this before I go any further. The whole time in the Zoo with Teddy vs. Deadpool is one the greatest things I have ever read. I laughed so hard I choked on air last night. Please even if you don’t read Deadpool if you see this issue in a story just read this part.

So anyways, Teddy is running around killing animals in the zoo, which by the way was full of people. Thankfully Deadpool is on his way to save the day! Lets just hope he does it before too many animals are killed in front of children. By the time Deadpool finds Teddy an elephant finds both of them. Deadpool is soon impaled by the animal and uses it to charge at Teddy. Now Ben told Deadpool that he thinks that high amounts of electricity will fry and destroy the presidents. The elephant grabs Teddy and buys Deadpool time to grab a live wire from a generator. Sadly when Deadpool shocks Teddy he is still being held by the elephant. Which makes the animal burst into flames.

It becomes clear that Deadpool might need some help with this one so it is back to Manhattan! It is time the checked in with a doctor. And by a doctor I mean they are off to see Doctor Strange. I am sure he will love working with Deadpool!

Now both this issue and #1 were amazing. You should be reading this so we can laugh together! But there is no inner speak with Deadpool like there used to be and I miss that. Don’t get me wrong, they do a great job making up for it I just kind of miss it. Deadpool is amazing as always.


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