Truth behind the Cheetah: A review of Justice League #14

Last issue Superman was bitten by Cheetah and turned into one himself. Now the rest of the Justice League has to find a way to cure him and stop the Cheetah. Sounds like an easy job right? I mean how hard can it be to take down Cheetah-Superman?

Post contains spoilers

Superman could put up a fight before but now he has gone savage. Thankfully the tribe that worshiped the Cheetah shows up and stuns Superman with a horn. Cyborg is able to copy the sound and keep Superman down. Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman head off to take down Cheetah while Batman stays back to learn more. The tribe tells Batman that they are able to help Superman but the Cheetah has been hunting them and wants them all dead. But they to want to kill the Cheetah.

Long ago the Cheetah used to be a blessing and help protect the tribe but it has long been lost to the tribe. The last Cheetah was killed by a man with a knife called the Godslayer. She cursed the Godslayer and after the cheetah was killed by Ya’Wara the blade was lost until Barbara found it. As it turns out, the Cheetah is not the bad one in this story but Barbara is. The rest of the league is able to take down Barbara and she ends up in Belle Reve. But something is up. She starts talking to someone else. It seems that someone wanted her in Belle Reve. She is now waiting for Black Manta to arrive. I am sure this will play into the Trinity War.

Back on the Watchtower Batman shows Wonder Woman and the others that Barbara Minerva was bad long before she ever met Wonder Woman. She has multiple identities each with a long list of crimes. She does not take the news well. She had hoped that Barbara was able to be saved but now she learns that her friend is a lie. Superman takes it upon himself to try to raise her spirits. He takes her to Smallville and shows her the reason he is Superman.

He tells her an important lesson. There is life outside the job. As the Justice League and even in their solo adventures they face great evil. They can not always bring that home with them and things can be good. The two share another kiss but this time someone else is watching….Batman…

Elsewhere Black Adam has come to New York to see how the world has changed since he has been gone. It is a confusing land but he can still see that some things have stayed the same. Black Adam sees a world without magic as an empty one. and seeks after the Rock of Eternity. However when he finds it he is unable to enter. The Wizard has chosen a new Champion and only he can enter.

Black Adam will need some help and he knows where to find it. He heads to Brooklyn to find that his “Friend” does not remember who he is. The Wizard hid his memory away but Black Adam helps him remember. Sloth awakens and is ready to challenge Black Adam until he is given an offer. Black Adam wants his help to hunt down the new Champion and after that is done he will take the Rock for himself. Then together with Sloth and the other sins they will rebuild the world.

Honestly DC needs to give Shazam his own book because this story is too interesting to be left in the back of an issue.


One Response to “Truth behind the Cheetah: A review of Justice League #14”

  1. I want to know why Vibe is getting his own book and we have to read snippets of Shazam in the back of Justice League.

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