Review of Action Comics #15


“It’s hard to prepare for an enemy who can strike at any moment in your life.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I had to re read this issue a couple of times. As we saw in issue #14, Vyndktvx has a grudge against Superman. Vyndktvx is from the 5th Dimension, home of Mr. Mxypltk(a classic Superman villain). This issue is a jumble of events through time. As his land lady, Nyxlygsptlnz(she revealed herself as being from the 5th Dimension in issue #12) explains, Vyndktvx has altered Clark’s past and that has sent ripples through time. His adventure from last issue on Mars is two years in the future.

Apparently, it seems that Vyndktvx was behind the death of the Kent’s. We also see that Zarov(issue #10) and Lois Lane, Niece(issue #12) along with the personifications of blue, red and green Kryptonite are chasing Superman at some point in time. The whole issue is a little confusing. I have never really been a fan of the imps of the 5th Dimension as villains. I mean Mxylptlk was always more of a jokster, not really trying to be evil, just trying to mess with Superman(apparently to amuse the King of the 5th Dimension). Just the idea of having someone who can so easily manipulate space and time, reshape matter at will and is usually emotionally immature does not thrill me as an ideal villain. I mean, even Superman can’t really combat that.

I have to say, I am not a huge fan of Action Comics. I much prefer the writing of Superman. Rags Morales does a great job on the artwork(he usually does), but I just don’t like where Grant Morrison is going with this.


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