Review of Earth 2 #7


“So, you are mortal like the rest of us after all.”

***Contains Spoilers***

You really have to feel bad for Alan Scott. His entire world has been flipped upside down and inside out. A few days ago he was a young, successful businessman, about to propose to the love of his life. Then, suddenly, his fiance is dead, he becomes a superhero and saves the world from total destruction. Trashing his penthouse is completely understandable. I can also see his reasons for refusing Hawkgirl and Flash’s offer to form a team. The man definitely needs some time to clear his head and try to figure out what to do with his life now. Can someone really just go on with their life after something like that? He still has a business to run and now he has to come to grips with being an extremly powerful superhero(or wonder as they are called on Earth 2).

It was nice to learn a little more about Hawkgirl’s past. I suspect that as the series continues we will learn more about the “insane adventure: that got her the wings. Unlike previous versions of the character(except for the Justice League animated version) her wings are a physical part of her, not merely wings she wears. There is no mention of nth metal,but then again we do not know all of the details yet.

It was nice to see the Sandmen again. There are at least six of them , lead by Wesley Dodds(the original Sandman from the old DCU). Even though it is Wesley, he and the others seem to have powers like Sand(Wesley’s ward and sidekick from the old DCU), passing through solid matter. They are basically a covert ops team for the World Army. Also like Khan they do not trust Terry either. The Sandmen seem to be made up of members from various nations. We see them having various flags on their chests(Canada, Mexico, Greece, Italy and what I think is either Lativa or Austria). Nothing is revealed as to the origins of their abilities. I assume that since they all have the same abilities they either all got them at the same time from a shared event, or that they got them from some World Army experiment or treatment. I always liked Sand as a character and hope to learn more about these Sandmen. I could even see them getting their own title if all goes well.

I am also eager to learn how and why Michael Holt(Mr Terrific) is so fanatically dedicated to Terry Sloan. Given Sloan’s level of intellect it could be anything from a drug or some sort of hypnosis. Regardless he is now in Khan’s hands and I am sure we will see if the effect is permanent or not. Also up in the air is the status of Red Tornado, seen in this issue as feminine robot in disrepair. Sloan seems to think he can get it working, but odds are that the robot would serve him. Although you never know.

This book continues to be one of my favorites. James Robinson does a great job of writing a story of a whole new world that is both familiar yet different. He has experience writing Justice Society stories and is using that experience well.


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