We have to get bigger: A review of Avengers #1

This issue honestly gave me chills when I first read it. Marvel Now has been knocking things out of the pack and Avengers #1 might be best one yet.

AN 1

Post contains spoilers

When we last left the Avengers before Marvel Now, Tony told Steve one simply thing, The need to go bigger. This what that issue is, the start of something bigger. Tony has been hard at work and his idea is finally taking shape. Now a month later crazy things are happening on Mars. Ex Nihilo is launching “Origin Bombs” at Earth in order to remake a new world. Two bombs have already hit Earth and almost two million people were in that area. The time for talking is long gone and now the Avengers must put a stop to it.

The Avengers charge into battle but things get bad quick. All of them are taken out with in minutes. Wait does it mean when Earth’s mightiest heroes are swatted away like flies? But Ex Nihilo lets Captain America go as a message. Three days later Captain America wakes up in Avengers Towers and heads to Tony’s workshop. Last month they set up “Wake the World” While there would be the Avengers, there would be others waiting to be called in when they are needed. Sometimes you just have to go bigger.

Captain America is everyone’s hero. He was the first of them. So when he puts the call in who wouldn’t answer? And they come and are ready to fight. It gives me chills just thinking about it again!

Now there is a sweet image that goes with this issue.

Wake the world

As you can see it starts with Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Iron man, Hawkeye, and Hulk. Which oddly enough is the movie lineup! But with Wake the World they can call upon other heroes. Right now it is unclear on if their placement has any meaning. But as you can see Captain America calls in 12 other heroes. But six slots still remain empty.

The point is that I can’t wait to see where this title takes us. The first issue has me hooked and the whole idea of going bigger and wake the world has me very excited. It you read my reviews it is no secret that I enjoy team books. This is going to be awesome!


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