Review of Batman and Robin # 15


“I’m so happy to see you that I’ve turned my frown upside down.”

***Contains Spoilers***

First of all, I would like to tip my hat at Patrick Gleason(the penciler for this particular issue) for making the Joker sow sickeningly disgusting. I mean the man is wearing a rotting face, but some of the panels in this issue look horrifying(as they should). This issue takes place just after Batman #15. It doesn’t state that, but I using a little deductive reasoning here. I guess after Bruce left the others left little Damian to watch the base(code for stay here and let the adults handle everything).

I like how in past issues Damian shows no special affection toward Alfred(unless you count naming a cat after him in the future in the last issue of Batman Incorporated). He usually addresses him as “Pennyworth” and often bosses him around. However in this issue he refers to him as Alfred and seems very concerned with finding him. Damian did not have a normal childhood(understatement) and I imagine that it is often difficult for him to express emotions such as love or compassion. Still, it is nice to know he cares.

Much of this issue is a conversation between the Joker and a captive Damian.It is more of the same; the Joker telling Damian that he and the Bat Family are in the way. He makes the analogy that they are the moon between the sun and the Earth, eclipsing the Earth of the Sun’s light.

This issue also got me thinking about the Joker’s future. When Damian Wayne makes a solemn promise to kill you, you can be sure that he means do kill you. Will DC kill off the Joker? I doubt it, but at the same time I have a hard time seeing an outcome where he just gets away. Jason Todd wants him dead, Barbara Gordon wants him dead and now Damian wants him dead. After they find out what he has done to Alfred(I still think he may die) I can’t imagine Dick, Tim, or Bruce wanting to show him a great deal of mercy.


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