Review of Green Lantern Corps #15


“Our reach is spreading…faster and farther than anticipated.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Not a great time for the Green Lantern Corps. One of their best(Hal Jordan) has been booted and now may be dead, one of their other greats(Guy Gardner) has been expelled from the Corps, John is in deep space chasing pieces of Mogo and Kyle is off trying to become the ultimate lantern. TO make matters worse, John and Kyle(the only Lanterns that still have their rings) do not know about the Third Army. Like I said, not a great time. Of course I haven’t gotten to the part where Salaak has been entombed? Of course, this is all because the Guardians went nuts. Salaak believes the Guardians are being controlled, I think they are just old and crazy.

Let’s talk about Guy Gardner. Now Guy has always had a little problem with rules and authority. It is why he did not last long with the Baltimore City Police Department, it also what made him a great Green Lantern. He tries to be a hero with out the ring and surprisingly gets pretty far on the threat of force rather than the use of force. The result of his actions(ruining an undercover arms deal) got me thinking about a post I did a while back. Basically Guy charges in to a situation, thinking he is doing the right thing. The problem is that he ends up putting several undercover federal agent sin the hospital and ruining years of their work to shut down an arms dealing ring. He had good intentions, and had this been an actual arms deal he would have done some good. Would he? The problem is that while many superheroes(metas, wonders, whatever you want to call them)mean well, they do not(for the most part) have the jurisdiction to intervene. If Darksied attacks, please call the Justice League to step in. If Scarecrow is fear gassing Gotham you might need to call Batman. But lets use that last example; Batman defeats Scarecrow(yeah!) was Jonathan Crane read his rights? Was evidence gathered in a legal manner? Will a first year public defense attorney be able to get the charges dropped on a technicality? I am going off on a tangent. It is something to think about though.

I think the Guardians sent John off on what they thought would be harmless or unimportant, but I think that in the end Mogo will return and it will turn the tide. Probably not against the Third Army, but maybe against the First Lantern(since that crossover starts immediately after this one.

Speaking of the Third Army, shouldn’t they have caused global panic on Earth yet? I mean I understand that it may only have been days since the first Third Army soldiers hit Earth, but given the ease and speed they can convert a Lantern, regular humans should be easy. I would think that within a day or so a sizable percentage of the world would be turned. We’ll see. Actually we probably won’t.

As I said in my opening, the Corps is not looking good. After this issue they aren’t looking much better. Things will likely get worse before they get better(that’s how good stories tend to work).

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