Review of The Walking Dead #105


“The rules keep us alive.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I’ll say this, Carl Grimes is not afraid of anything. I mean it takes balls of solid titanium to sneak into an enemy stronghold with no back up and no real plan for escape. I can only imagine the panic when Rick realizes he is gone. This will probably mess up his plan, but hey he should be used to messed up plans by now.

This issue continues to show us a slightly different side of Negan. Sure he is still a crazy psychopath, but he operates on, what he considers, a set of moral rules. Sure he is tough, but he does seem to take care of people, again in his own twisted way. His “rules” are barbaric in some ways, but they are not as bad as say the Governor. His “wives” are free to leave him at any time with no repercussions. The only rule for them is to not cheat on him. Negan also is not as cold-hearted as it seemed when he bashed in Glenn’s skull with Lucille, right in front of his wife and daughter. When he demands to see Carl’s eye he apologizes once he sees that Carl is embarrassed.

Most people would agree that pressing a hot iron to someone’s face is twisted and wrong. Negan is a pretty complex character, I have to hand it to Kirkman. He is definitely a villain and I hope to see an issue soon where Rick or Carl blow his head off. He swears like a drunken, Irish, sailor and seems to enjoy bashing in skulls. But like I said he thinks that he is a benevolent leader that is helping save society.

Still no idea what his plans are for Carl. If he was going to kill him he would have done it already(I think). He doesn’t really need any leverage against Rick, so hostage seems out of the question. Maybe he reminds Negan of a son or younger brother that he lost. I mean Carl gunned down six of his men and had nothing done to him. I mean he had to endure being in Negan’s presence and sing a song, but that is it. Another quality issue.

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