Review of Green Lantern:New Guardians #15


“Admit it Arkillo: you’re dying to see if I can really do it.”

***Contains Spoilers***

There is a lot I love about this issue, there are a few things I am not a fan of. Let’s start with the good,shall we? Kyle has now learned to harness every color of the emotional spectrum, except for one. It is going to be up to Carol to teach him of the power of Love. This is not coming without a cost. Kyle is still Kyle, but there are times when the power seems to control him and not the other way around. No one Lantern is supposed to be able to do what he is doing. He is getting good at using the powers. I liked how during his fight with Larfleeze he quickly used rage and then switched to compassion to teleport to Larfleeze’s lantern. Another good thing, at least plot wise, is the fact that Kyle, Carol, Arkillo and Larfleeze(what passes for the New Guardians these days) are now aware of the Third Army and that the Guardians are behind them. A common enemy is just what they need to bring the band back together, or at least form a new band.

Now the bad. We have not seen or heard from Saint Walker since issue #12. I understand that Kyle did not need special instruction to use Hope(he has worn a blue ring before. Actually he wore Walker’s ring.). I also realize that Walker is probably busy trying to pick up the pieces of the Blue Lantern Corps after the attack by the Reach and the loss of the Central Power Battery. He is one of my favorite lantern characters and I would would like to at least hear him talked about. The thing I really didn’t like was the flashback. It was a good enough scene, but it doesn’t seem to fit. SHOCKING, right? DC having a continuity error is unheard of. The flashback shows Ganthet giving Kyle a tour of Oa and saying they had to find Kilowog to begin his training. However back in issue #1 we say Oa in ruins and Ganthet said he was using the last of the Guardians power to make one last ring, then he gives it to Kyle. So, that means that two years ago Oa was rebuilt(since Kyle got his ring after it was destroyed). This cold fit. Let’s say Kyle got his ring 3 to 2.5 years ago. Over the 12-6 months after he got the ring he got Oa restored, and the Corps built back up. It is a little quick, but DC and their damn 5 year thing(grumble, grumble). IF that was all true, why is Kyle beginning his training? I would think that during his work to restore Oa he would have learned all he needed. The point of the scene was to show the bond between Sayd and Ganthet, this could have been done differently. If Ganthet hadn’t mentioned Kyle beginning his training with Kilowog I wouldn’t have minded the scene at all.

All in all this was a good, fun issue. lots of action, funny banter and great artwork. The Rise of the Third Army is starting to come to the point where the different Lanterns are going to start working together. Of course this all leads into the Wrath of the First Lantern crossover which picks up immediately after this crossover.


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