Meet the new team: A review of Avengers #2

So excited for this issue, if you read my Avengers #1 review you know that it gave me chills. This issue lives up to that and shows us some of the new Avengers and some old ones staying with the team.


Post contains spoilers

Last issue ended with Captain America calling in the troops to help stop a new threat. After the defeat on Mars it was clear they were going to need some more firepower and boy did they get it. Some of these heroes have been in the Avengers before, some have been on other teams, and some I have never heard of. Joining Captain America in this issue and answering the call are! Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Falcon, Shang-Chi, Sunspot, Cannonball, Manifold, Smasher, Captain Universe, and Hyperion. So like I said, a mix of old and new with a wide selection of powers. Should be interesting.

While Captain America rounds of the troops on Earth, Thor gets a lesson in history from Ex Nihilo. In the beginning, there was the Builders. They were the first and they were perfect, but in time things changed. The universe was changing so they had to change. And by change I mean control how it changes. They made the Gardeners, or Alephs, to control and judge worlds fit to belong in the universe. For millions of years Ex Nihilo’s razed countless worlds. Until one day he found a world fit. That is when he gave birth to Ex Nihilo and Abyss. They continue the mission of the Builders and have set their sights on Earth. What they see as change and making the world better, the Avengers see as death.

In flashbacks we see Steve and Tony go around and recruit. Not telling people to come and stay with them all the time, but to be ready for when the world needs them. It is almost like the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon. Where the roster was huge but they put people in that were needed for the mission. I think that is something we will see here. While for the most part we will have the main six, we will see others called in depending on the mission. While Captain America gets the team ready another set of creation bombs hit Earth. They can’t wait any longer. It is time to move, I think Cap says it perfectly.

“Tell them we’re going to Mars. Tell them I need warriors and I need heroes. Tell them it is the end of the world, and what I need…are Avengers.”

Can’t wait until the next issue to see the team in some real action! If you haven’t checked this book out, give it a shot. I am loving it and it is only two issues in.

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