Review of Supergirl #15


“I’d give all my powers back in a heartbeat if it meant going home.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue shows the transition and al trace of doubt leave Kara. In the beginning she was at least a little suspicious of H’El and his motives. However, after hearing his heart wrenching story and seeing her childhood friend suspended on Kandor, she wants nothing more than to restore Krypton.

I can understand her feelings. She remembers and misses her family and friends back on Krypton and she is more than willing to sacrifice the Earth to bring it all back. I can’t say that I would want to do any different. If you told me I had to let another world die so that Earth could live I would say okay without thinking. I do not believe or trust H’El. We, the reader, know that he has lied to Kara already(impersonating Kal and telling her lies about him). I don’t believe for a moment that he just wants to bring back Krypton. I am certain that he has some other goal. What is that goal? That, I do not know.

Kara’s deepening feelings for H’El are going to make it harder for Kal and Conner to convince her that he is not who or what he claims. I see Kal and Conner growing closer from this cross over. Sadly, I see Kara being further alienated. I do also have to wonder what the “one element” left that he needs for his master plan. I also wonder what his master plan actually is.

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