Hawkman Captured: A review of The Savage Hawkman #15

Hawkman: Wanted continues this week guest starring Deathstroke again. I think DC wants you to read his book but I am not falling for that again. I have my eye on you Stormwatch. But lets forget about those books and talk about Hawkman.


Post contains spoilers

When we last left Hawkman he was just getting to know Deathstroke, who also has Nth metal armor? But before they could really get to comparing who has the cooler look a group of warhawks along with some old friends of Hawkman show up to have some fun! Now Hawkman has been on the run for a few issues now and this hunt is starting to bug him. We learned that he is in fact an alien and that he is wanted for murder of the prince of his homeworld. Now lets get down to the savage part of the issue.

Now from what we have seen in the New 52, Hawkman has very little patience and for the most part likes being left alone. So when you have been hunting him for the past five or six issues he is going to be pissed. And we see that again in this issue. I believe I have mentioned this before but DC was not messing around when they named this title “Savage Hawkman” We see Hawkman rip wings off people along with some hack and slash action from both him and Deathstroke. While I have no interest in reading Deathstroke’s book, him and Hawkman make a pretty good team. Towards the end of the fighting Hawkman even admits to himself that while it is a hassle, he enjoys the fighting.

The two finally kill enough warhawks to send the others running. Deathstroke continues to follow Pike and Xerxes for information about Nth metal while Hawkman searches for Shayera. While he enjoys the fighting he would like to clear his name of murder. After Hawkman finds nothing he returns to Emma. However, it seems that Shayera has found him first. Caught off guard Hawkman falls in battle pretty quickly. When he finally wakes he finds himself in the hands of Shayera and about to be loaded on to a ship. But just as she gives the order another order is given. Someone else has plans for Hawkman.

In a crazy twist I did not see coming, Corsar is alive! It seems he has been alive this whole time but has kept his presence a secret from Shayera. He now plans on using the Nth metal that is bounded to Hawkman to help restore his body. I am willing to beat that Shayera learns that Corsar is batshit insane and that Hawkman has been innocent this whole time. But like I said I did not see this coming. Also it is unclear what happened to Emma after Shayera captured Hawkman. So I am guessing we will have Shayera let Hawkman go, but this conflict will leave a rift between them. Or maybe Earth 1 will get a Hawkgirl? All I know is that Hawkman will return to Earth to be part of the JLA and I hope they keep Emma around because I really dig her character.

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