The children are our future: A review of All New X-Men #5

I am not sure if I did a full review of any of the other issues of this title but let me just start of with saying…I am not a huge fan of this. In fact the main reason I was reading this title gets resolved in this issue. However my rule for this year is if I pick it up and read it…I review it..So here we go!


Post contains spoilers

For those of you who might not know, the overall plot of this title is that Scott Summer(Cyclops) is no longer in jail and has started his own hidden school for new mutants. However, he has already had a few run ins with the police while picking up these kids. The other X-men are not happy about this but they are at a crossroads. While they want to stop Cyclops, stopping him by force might start another mutant civil war. After Iceman makes a comment about past Cyclops; Beast gets a crazy idea. Lets go back in time and get the oringial five X-men and show them how twisted Cyclops becomes so they will change. Nothing could go wrong right? Well the kids have had their first encounter with Cyclops from the present and both parties are confused. However, another problem has come up. Beast is dying.

Beast is going through another mutation and his body won’t make it through this one. He has come to terms with it but that does not mean he hasn’t tried. But maybe, just maybe, a fresh pair of eyes might hold the cure. With the help of Jean Grey and his past self, Beast might stand a chance. While inside Beast’s mind with the help of Jean, his past self may have found the answer. While he works on the cure, Beast allows himself to fully connect with Jean showing her all the things that are going to happen to her, including her death.

Like a normal person Jean freaks out and leaves Beast to take care of Beast. However outside things are starting to get heated. The whole debate of “What happens if we just kill past Cyclops now?” comes up but thankfully a health Beast breaks it up before it gets to out of hand. They get ready to send the kids back but it is Jean who stops them all. Having seen what truly becomes of them all she can not leave until she is sure they make things right. How they are going to pull that off I don’t know. I have seen enough Doctor Who to know they simply can’t just change the past. Under the guidance of Shadow Cat, they will stay in the present to make sure they will have a better future? I am not sure but I think Marvel just wants to remind you that Jean Grey is a badass without really bringing her back to life…again…

Now I said before that I wasn’t a huge fan of this title. When I first read info about it I thought it was a cool idea.  The first five X-men coming to the future! But I thought it was going to be an accident that brought them there not Beast. In fact the only real reason I have read it up until now was that I was worried they might actually kill off Beast. But now that he seems to be safe I can not promise that I will continue to read this book. I really believe that time travel should be left to the Doctor.


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