Review of Action Comics #16


“At times like this? I usually rely on miracles.”

***Contains Spoilers***

As was the case with last month’s issue I had to read this slowly a couple of times. It was less confusing, but there is still a bit of hopping around. Things are starting to come together and they do not look good for Superman. We, the reader, do get some interesting information and we also see some familiar faces.

On the cover it says “The Second Death of Superman”, in the story it is confirmed that Superman died defending Metropolis. For you younger readers, about twenty years ago Superman died fighting Doomsday(after he kicked the Justice League’s ass). He came back to life not too long after. It was a huge event as it introduced the characters Steel and Superboy as well as set up the Fall of Hal Jordan. Now, in the New 52 we do not have many details. All we have are what Lois and Jimmy mention in passing. We know that Superman saved the day, beat the “bad guy”, died and came back. It was about three years ago according to Lois, but time is still not quite reliable in this story arc. Several characters throw around the word “Doomsday” but it is quite clear if that was the name of the big bad that Superman died fighting or simply a name they gave the day he died. Regardless this does mean that we have one more major event that still happened in the New 52, we just don’t have the details.

We also get another appearance of Lightning Man, Cosmic Man and Saturn Woman of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They appeared in Action Comics issues #5-6. They seem to be trying to help fix whatever it is that Vyndktvx messed with in the first place. We also see Luthor with a machine that looks just like the machine from Action Comics #9, which is interesting considering that issue took place on Earth 23. Also making an appearance is the “evil Superman” from another Earth that was barely defeated by Earth 23’s Superman(Calvin Ellis). Of course, it seems our fifth dimensional friend(Mr V) is behind the whole mess.

My theory is that Superman will get saved by the three time traveling legion members and then Mr Triple X(Mxylptlk) will stop Vyndktvx. Then we can move away from all this timey wimey fifth dimensional stuff for awhile(I hope). I may not be a huge fan of this current arc, but I will say that Grant Morrison is doing a good job of tying things together, Walker and Morales also do a good job on the artwork.


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