Review of Red Lanterns #15


“So yes, it might be madness to wake you. But maybe… only such madness can save us now…”

***Contains Spoilers***

Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns are aware of the Third Army and the threat they pose. Unlike the other Corps, the Red Lanterns are not only aware of the threat, but they are preparing for war.

I was a little confused at first, I was still confused later on, but to a lesser extent. The illusion of the attack that ended Atrocitus’ homeworld was explained as the result of a space predator. Okay, I can but that, but then he punches the ground and an army of Mahunters appear around him. That part confused me. We later find out that he hid them there long ago. Two things still confuse me a bit. #1, why the Manhunter’s faces look all skeletal. They are robots, they shouldn’t age or decay like organics do. #2 why did he keep them in the first place? “In case I might need you”? Atrocitus hates the Manhunters. It doesn’t really seem like something I would imagine him doing. I mean, I completely understand needing them not. He needs a non biologic army to fight the Third Army.

We also discover why the Central Power Battery is not fully recharged. The Inversions survive and are drawing power from it. As if Atrocitus didn’t have enough shit to deal with. Perhaps when the Battery was poisoned and repaired it did something to revive the long dead demons. I sort of hope they stay out of things until the Lantern Crossover ends, unless they can be of use.

Bleez is able to salvage Rankorr’s mission, although he has the rage he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Instead of a simple in and out revenge killing he is letting other emotions get in the way. I am sure that even though it seems like it is almost over it isn’t. Although they really should hurry because I am sure they will be needed. and of course we get a couple of teaser pages about Dexstarr and his own revenge mission. I really hope he kills Storm Watch, sadly I don’t think he will.

A lot is going on in this issue, but I never felt lost or that it was too much. The artwork continues to be excellent and I am really enjoying the story. I wonder if Bleez and Rankorr’s adventure will attract attention from the local heroes?


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