March on the gate: A review of Animal Man #16

Rotworld continues as Animal Man and company rescue Green Lantern from a prison. But what comes next is the real fun part! The march on the Kingdom of Rot!


Post contains spoilers

Last issue of Animal Man ended with Team Red traveling into the subways of Metropolis for a little prison break action. What they find is not what they suspect. They had heard that Arcane was keeping a heavy hitter down beneath the city. Many of them had hoped it would be Superman but what they find is a Green Lantern. Now the real twist is while he is not human, he is the Earth’s Green Lantern. It seems that the Guardians saw that Earth would fall and knew that the Rot would spread. They sent Lantern Medphyll, who comes from a plant-based species, was the best choice to send and help Earth. After he was sent to Earth the Guardians sealed off Earth to make sure the Rot would stay on Earth.

While they have another fighter, they are not out of this mess yet. Medphyll’s ring is dead and the jailer has woken up! The Growth around Metropolis is Blackbriar Thorn, who now calls himself the “Living City” He made a deal with Arcane to keep Medphyll locked down. They are able to take him down without much trouble but they are not out of the woods yet…well they kind of are.. Then when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they come back topside to find Frank and his men under attack. We get to see Amethyst and a Talon as rot warriors too!

If that wasn’t enough fighting for you don’t go anywhere! Team Red with their new Green Lantern are marching on the Kingdom of Rot! They are well rested and ready to end this but one final thing stands between them and Arcane. Rumors have spread about Arcane’s gatekeepers but no one knows who or what they are..Sadly they find out all to quickly who guards the gate. In a blur of red the Patchwork men start to die. Constantine gets punched through the chest. The gatekeepers have finally showed themselves…it is the Justice League! Or at least Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg.

We also find out that sad fate of Maxine. When we last left her story she found her family turned into rotlings. William Arcane tricked her and it becomes a battle of the children. However the Hunters know better than to fight Maxine. She may be young but she is still very powerful. They end up making a deal with her. If she will become the third Hunter, they will let her family go. In the end she says yes and her family heals just in time to see her turn into the third Hunter.

I have to say I am very pleased with Rotworld. It took a while for them to get the ball rolling but I find it to be the most interesting DC crossover of the New 52. Now before Drew or anyone else yells, I said most interesting not the BEST. I just think it was a great way to shine some light on Animal Man and Swamp Thing alongside other DC heroes. They do a great job having other characters show up and help while keeping the main story about Animal Man and Swamp Thing.


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