The Army of Gotham: A review of Swamp Thing #16

Rotworld continues in Swamp Thing this week and let me tell you now…It is freaking awesome! I mean I knew Batman would have some plan but I did not think it would be this. I can’t wait to see what will happen next!


Post contains spoilers!

Before I get into the issue and my thoughts I just want to mention how much of a totally badass Batman is. I make a lot of jokes but if you honestly think Batman is lame, stupid, or weak….I will kill you on the spot. This issue will go into my file of “Remind people Batman is the best” Ok now we can talk about Swamp Thing.

Last issue Swamp Thing finally made it to Gotham. However when he found the Batcave it was not Batman who was waiting for him but Batgirl. While Batman and the other did not make it, Batgirl was given the man-bat serum, which gives her a connection to the Red. She takes him to New Gotham built inside Arkham. She tells him about how the city fell and what happened since then. It turns out the what Batman was working on before he turned was a version of Alec’s bio-restorative formula.

Alec explains something to Batgirl when she has her doubts about its uses. When Alec first made it he was scared of the Green and made it slow acting. However, it could be just as aggressive as the Rot. With a power like that there might be hope for the world after all. Swamp Thing gets to work right away. It turns out that Batman was only missing a few things. But it doesn’t take long for rotlings to show up, Swamp Thing knew it was only a matter of time. But in the heat of battle Batman’s greatest gift is revealed. Not even Batgirl knew what was beneath Arkham…..

But before we get to that lets take a moment to talk about Abby Arcane. Similar to Maxine in Animal Man, we learn the fate of Abby this month. While she fought and fought, in the end Arcane was too strong for her. She eventually died in battle. We know this because Arcane shows off her severed head to the crowd of people outside his castle. Now is this the last we see of Abby? I don’t think so. I am sure we will see both her and Maxine before the end. Or maybe we won’t see them until Rotworld is over. We will have to wait and see. Back to our main story.

So like I said, Batman had something truly awesome hidden away beneath Arkham. Batgirl thought is was just a container for the formula to be stored in but it was much more. A walking tank full of the weaponized formula is just the tip of the iceberg. Also the people left in Arkham are armed with guns containing the formula. Plus we have Swamp Thing rigged with Bane’s venom injector so he can pump the formula into his body! Like I said..Batman is a true badass.

So both Swamp Thing and Animal Man march on Arcane’s doorstep this month. Next month we have the end of Rotworld and your guess is as good as mine to how it will all end. I mean they have to find a way to end it. They can’t just continue Swamp Thing and Animal Man in their own little world. Well I mean DC COULD if they wanted to but I mean like their timeline and continuity isn’t confusing already.

What I really can’t wait to see if Swamp Jesus rip apart rot-infected characters. Love me some Swamp Jesus.

One Response to “The Army of Gotham: A review of Swamp Thing #16”

  1. Batman ALWAYS has a plan.

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