Review of The Walking Dead #106


“I think you should jump out a window to save me the trouble of killing you.”

***Contains Spoilers***

In case you didn’t know(which you would if you have read my past reviews of The Walking Dead), my two favorite characters are Rick and Carl. So, you can imagine that the last couple of issues have left me a little nervous. And of course, Kirkman decided to leave this issue on yet another cliffhanger.

I do have to hand to it Kirkman, the man knows how to write a cliff hanger. He writes characters that you care about and puts them in situations were you know something bad is going to happen. I don’t think Carl is dead. Not only do I REALLY not want him to be dead, but I don’t think that is what Negan would do. Negan was talking about ways to punish Carl for the killing of his men. Negan brought up the great point of what can he do that doesn’t pale in comparison to everything that Carl has already endured. However, he did tell Rick he had “done” something to Carl. I know some have speculated that Negan will try to convert Carl over to his side, but after all Carl and Rick have been through I do not see that happening.

This was a very tense, but well written issue. Once again one of my favorite character’s fate hangs in the balance and all I can do is wait for the next issue.

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