Not superior at all: A review of Superior Spider-Man #1

And the award for worst idea in comics in 2013 is….Superior Spider-Man! That is right, it is still January and I already gave out that award. Nothing could top this.


Post contains spoilers!

Ok so where to even begin. Now for those of you who don’t follow Spider-Man comics and don’t know what this is all about let me tell you. So at the end of the Amazing Spider-Man run, Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man swapped bodies. Leaving Otto in Peter’s body and Peter in Otto’s dying body. However here is another crazy twist! They kept each others memories and experiences. So while Peter Parker died in Otto’s body, Spider-Man lives on! That is right boys and girl, Spider-Man is now the body of Peter Parker and the mind of a confused Otto Octavius who wants to be a hero!

There is no possible way this could be bad at all.

Of course, on like the first day of being a hero, Spider-Man runs into the new Sinister Six consisted of some second-rate villains. We have Overdrive, Boomerang, Shocker, Living Brain, Speed Demon, and a new Beetle. Now Spider-Man runs off soon after the fighting starts. He is not used to this style of fighting and needs a better plan. Maybe one with elaborate traps and fancy tech, like something a super villain would think up.

Now being a ex-super villain does have its plus sides. He thinks like them and is able to predict their next move. In fact after a little digging he finds out what they are trying to make. Of course they need to steal something from Horizon Labs, so Peter Parker gets to work on setting up the place. They next day when the Sinister Six Five show up the whole place is rigged with elaborate traps and fancy tech. He even called in the press to get in on the action.

If you have got this far don’t worry it gets better.

Spider-Man is really kicking the Sinister Six where it hurts. I mean he thought of it all to take them out. However towards the end something happens. He takes out Boomerang last and he starts to really let him have it. In fact he is about to kill this guy..However a ghost hand stops him! That is right folks! In the first issue they bring back Peter Parker! Well the real Peter Parker. Best part is, Otto can’t see or hear him. Oh and Peter swears that while he is still there that Spider-Man won’t be a killer. Also he will find a way back to his body.

Yea so that happened.

I don’t know what Marvel was trying to do with this. There was so much they could have done with Amazing Spider-Man hitting its 700 issue. But instead they take one of his best known villains, make him swap bodies with him, and then leave Peter Parker for dead. JUST to bring his ghost back in the first issue of the new series. I really don’t know what Marvel wanted to do with this but I have yet to hear someone say they think this is a good idea.

I guess we can just hope that Peter Parker returns to his body soon and this will all just be a bad dream…

One Response to “Not superior at all: A review of Superior Spider-Man #1”

  1. Maybe some of the writers/editors from DC are doing some consulting for Marvel.

    Back in my day the Sinister Six was…well sinister. No one I have spoken too thinks the whole body swap thing was a god idea.

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