Torn and Frayed: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10

Supernatural returned last night with a brand new episode! Tensions and emotions are on high as we approach the middle of the season! The choices made here might mean everything.


Post contains spoilers

Now I started off reviewing Season 8 and fell behind at some point but I am back! This season in my opinion has been fantastic. It has introduced some new characters to us and the relationship between Sam and Dean has been on the edge since Dean came back. But while Sam and Dean work out their problems, trouble is brewing all around them. Something is wrong with Heaven. Crowley is on the hunt for more Words of God. This episode seemed like a crossroad to me, what happened here could have changed the whole outcome of the season. But enough talk, lets really get down into it.

A few things we need to point out. This season has focused on the Word of God, stone tablets that were first introduced last season. It is now know that there are multiple different tablets talking about different things. The other episodes have focused on the Demon tablet that mention how to close the Gates of Hell forever. Now Crowley is on the hunt for what other tablets might be out there. His latest plan has been the capture of the angel Samandriel.

We also have the return of Cas and Heaven “controlling” him. He has been given orders by the angel Naomi. This is not the Heaven he knew and he is being forced against his will to work for Heaven and lie to Sam and Dean. We also have Sam and Dean and their relationships. With Dean gone Sam turned to a girl named Amelia but eventually leaves her so she can be with her husband who was thought dead. Dean has his relationship with a vampire named Benny who helped him get out of Purgatory. But having this relationships is putting a strain on the relationship between Sam and Dean.

Lets get to this episode.

Sam leaves Dean after he choose to believe Benny over him. Unable to move past this Dean leaves and goes off on his own. Amelia sees Sam and confronts him. They agree that they need to choose what they want. It is unfair to both of them to be touch and go. As Crowley continue to torture Samandriel he breaks. But not in a way Crowley thought. As they drive spikes into his head he starts speaking Enochian. He starts speaking of other Words of God and reveals that there is also an angel tablet.

Cas is recruited by Naomi to save Samandriel. But he can not do it alone. He gets the help of both Sam and Dean. The three are able to save Samandriel but not before he tells Crowley what he wants to know. Cas freezes during the rescue when he hears Samandriel cry out in pain. He starts to have flashbacks of Naomi sticking something in his eye. He is later ordered to kill Samandriel who was trying to tell him that something was wrong in Heaven and warn him about Naomi. These actions lead to Sam and Dean to start worrying about Cas. It is becoming clear to them that something is not right with the angel.

Sam and Dean also leave Amelia and Benny. Sam knows that he wants that normal life but with all that is going on and now Cas thrown into the mix he can’t. He will lose Amelia but knows that she will still be happy. Dean also breaks free from Benny. He knows that his relationship with the vampire is coming between him and Sam. He has done all he can for Benny and it is time for him to be on his own. However from the scenes we see of Benny, he might be about to fall off the wagon.

Now at the start of the season we found out that the demon tablet told of a way to close the Gates of Hell forever. The same might be true for Heaven if the angel tablet is found. There could also be countless other tablets out there. I personally thought it was going to be a tablet about humans and not angels. But with Sam and Dean on the same page again and at peace with each other they might be able to get down to business.

However, I don’t think we have seen the last of Benny. We might also see Amelia thrown back into the mix. My main concern lays with Naomi. She pretty much goes against everything Cas stands for. Cas came back from Purgatory trying to repay for his sins but it seems when Naomi gives him orders the list grows longer.

I just want to say again, I am really enjoying this season!

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