Shadowcat makes it better: A review of All-New X-Men #6

In my last review of All-New X-Men I said I wasn’t sure about the title. Time travel gets confusing and the overall plot wasn’t catching my eye. However, I wasn’t ready to give up on the title and with the introduction of Shadowcat watching over the team I might just stick with it.


Post contains spoilers!

A number of different things go on in this issue. First up we have the bond growing between Shadowcat and Jean Grey. After a terrible nightmare Kitty comes to the aid of Jean. A lot of stuff has been happening all at once for the young Jean and it is becoming overwhelming. But with the help of Kitty she just might make it through it all. We also have Storm and Kitty break the news to Jean, she will have to be the team leader. Given what Cyclops is like in the present, people will start not to trust his past self. Plus it was her idea to stay in the present. Elsewhere the tension between young Cyclops and Wolverine grows.

Looking to get some air, Cyclops runs off taking Wolverine’s motorcycle. He is able to catch up to Cyclops but that doesn’t mean he will go back. In a shining moment Wolverine acts as the bigger man, cooling himself down and trying to talk to Scott. It is a huge step since last issue he was talking about just killing him. However Scott isn’t looking to go back to school and getting blamed for things he has not done yet. In the end he blasts Wolverine and drives off.

Back at the school, Angel finally meets Angel. Now they hadn’t brought him into the picture and for good reason. Present Angel has been through a lot of shit. Not to mention a lot of it he still doesn’t really know about or understand. But the two finally meet and it is good Jean is not there to read his mind. It seems that present Angel does not know of recent events. I think both Angels will find comfort in each other. Angel was the only one who didn’t want to stay and present Angel just loves everything.

But not everything can be sunshine and rainbows. There are still evil mutants out there. Someone has come and shown Mystique the fight between Wolverine and Cyclops. The Brotherhood has been on hold since they were defeated by X-Force but with a young past Cyclops running around I am guessing they will be plotting soon. Which is bad news for just about everyone.

So while it nothing amazing I like it better than the previous issues. Plus I may or may not have a crush on Shadowcat so there is that. Now I know that the original X-men know Magneto but I am wondering if they have met Mystique. Her finding Cyclops before Wolverine could be bad news bears. I guess we shall see soon enough.


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