LARP and the Real Girl: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11

A few days late but with raiding I am busy Wednesday nights. I thought this was a fantastic episode. It reminds us that while Sam and Dean are sometimes tough as stone…Everyone needs some fun from time to time.


Post contains spoilers!

With no news on the Demon Tablet or Crowley’s plans, Sam and Dean have nothing going on. They are starting to get restless until Garth calls them up with a job. Some pretty odd deaths are happening near by them and he wants them to check it out. After one guy looks like he was pulled apart by horses and another bleeds out, the boys are lead to a LARPing group( Live Action Role Playing). They also find someone they thought they would never see again!

Now there is a reason I love episodes like this. Since about season three or four things have been such high stakes with angels and demons. Now there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes it is nice for the brothers to work a simpler job and just get back to helping people in need(Or shooting monsters). This is a very fun episode with a lot of goofy parts but again it reminds us that Sam and Dean are still just human.

The “Queen” of Moondoor is no other than Charlie Bradbury played by the lovely Felicia Day. The boys last saw Charlie when she helped them with Dick Roman. After that she went off the grid and remade her life here. Now that things were starting to seem normal to her, the boys are back in town and that means trouble. At first she wants nothing to do with it fearing the danger but when she learns that two of her friends are now dead…she agrees to help anyway she can. After some digging they find out that someone is working some fairy magic. Now while the brothers met fairies once before, but there is no mention of Dean’s “close encounter”.

Turns out that one of Charlie’s men took the game way too seriously and way too far. He started with just hurting people but he eventually started killing. He has a beautiful fairy under his control and the fairy believes that Charlie can save her. And she does and almost ends up banging the fairy. Charlie is able to save the fairy and everything goes back to normal. Well as normal as you can get when you are in the middle of LARPing. However now comes the battle of the Kingdoms and Charlie has very few people to defend her kingdom. That is until Dean and Sam suit up and save the day in a very different way! Like Dean saying the speech from Braveheart!

Now like I said before we take a break from the angel and demon world to just get back to hunting. One of the main reasons I really enjoyed this episode is that things have been so tense this whole season. You have both Dean and Cas coming back from a year in Purgatory. You have the relation between Sam and Dean at a breaking point. Also last episode both of them ending relationships. It was great to see the brothers enjoy themselves. Even if Sam was difficult at first. Plus it reminds you that Dean really is a big child. It is something we haven’t seen from him this season yet and I have missed it.

I have read a few things about this episode. A lot of what I saw was that people saying they didn’t like it, but they didn’t hate it either. But personally it was one of my favorites. Plus Felicia Day running around LARPing? I love it! Also they leave it kind of open-ended for her to return. This time instead of running she tells the boys to let her know if they ever need help. I hope they bring her back. Love love love Felicia Day.


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