Review of Green Lantern #16


“Human, you can will much, but not everything.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This issue deals mainly with Simon learning about what the ring is and how he came to be its current bearer. Along for the ride is B’dg, a Green Lantern resembling a large squirrel. B’dg makes for a fun companion to Simon. How can a flying, talking squirrel NOT be funny? Plus they work in several little jokes about it when ever another human sees him. We also learn some things about Hal and Sinestro.

One of the big things is the revelation of the message(s) within the ring itself. I find it a little funny that the two people that Hal and Sinestro want Simon to locate are already together, since Carol and Arkillo have both joined up with Kyle and Saint Walker (New Guardians #16). Another big piece of news is the revelation of our fallen Lanterns mystery guide. I have to admit that in hindsight I probably should have suspected Tomar Re. Although in this issue he says he is dead because of Sinestro. As I remember things Sinestro did not kill him. Just another change in the New 52 I suppose.

This was another great issue. It wrapped up Simon’s domestic troubles (for the most part) and gets him on his way to joining the fight. Next he is off to save Guy Gardner in Green Lantern Corps #16 and then he is off to Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 before next month’s issue where we begin Wrath of the First Lantern (part two of this massive crossover). We still do not know how Hal and Sinestro can get back; although I am sure Tomar Re has some idea (it’s probably really dangerous). I can’t help but wonder what the aftermath of this will mean for the human Green Lanterns. I mean will Guy and Hal get their rings back? We know that Simon will be joining the Justice League of America; we learned long ago that even the Guardians can’t take away Kyle’s ring. So the two of them will be around for a while (knocks on wood).

I really like the character of Simon. Much like the other human Green Lanterns, he has his own individual style. I can see certain aspects of Hal, Guy, John and Kyle in him, but he is his own person at the same time. Overall I really enjoy reading this crossover and am pretty excited to see them all link up in Green Lantern Corps Annual #1.


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