Review of Green Lantern: New Guardians #16


“Now we take the fight to Oa and we end this.”

***Contains Spoilers***

This is what New Guardians Annual #1 should have been. Especially after reading this issue I feel that they wasted an issue trying to promote a new comic when they had an interesting crossover going on. We learn a lot of things in this issue, both large and small. This is one of those issues that I find very few flaws in.
One of the large things we learn, plot wise, is that the Zamarons are in fact not on the side of the Guardians. Apparently their “alliance” was made to buy time for them to find the means to defeat the Guardians. The Zamarons feel that Kyle is that means. We finally get to see him learn to master all seven colors of the emotional spectrum and become a White Lantern. Ironically enough, it was his love for Ganthet that allowed him to finally master the power of love. One small thing I noticed is that Saint Walker, Carol and the others do not seem surprised to see Kyle as a White Lantern. I mean, most of them were there during Blackest Night, where Hal and many others temporarily became White Lanterns. I am guessing they were not surprised because they had seen them before. Kyle becoming a White Lantern is very important from a tactical standpoint, because he was able to easily dispatch Third Army soldiers with a flick of his wrist. Not to mention the fact that is seemed to scare Ganthet.

We also learn something of Kyle’s past. In the old DCU Kyle never knew his dad when he was growing up. It wasn’t until he became Ion(after absorbing ALL of the power of the Green Lantern Cors), that he finally tracked him down and had a relationship with him. In the New 52 he knew his dad when he was very young, but his dad left and Kyle never saw him again. While this doesn’t change a whole lot it does hint that perhaps the whole Ion thing never happened.

Kyle and the other New(Newer?) Guardians will be in the conclusion of Rise of the Third Army in next week’s Green Lantern Corps Annual #1. Wait, how can they possibly wrap up the whole crossover in one issue? Is that what you were thinking? Well, the answer is simple. Next month we simply begin Wrath of the First Lantern crossover. There is no break in the story at all, it is essentially all one huge crossover. I am not entirely sure why DC is doing this, maybe they couldn’t decide on just one name for the crossover? Regardless, I am very excited.

This is a great week for comics, as you will see when I post the rest of my reviews. A lot of great issues came out this week. This was one of those issues. One big thing that James and I have talked about is the possible aftermath of this crossover. What will happen to the Guardians? Who will be running the Green Lantern Corps? Will Kyle stay a White Lantern? Perhaps the Guardians that were guarding over the First Lantern will become the new Guardians of the Universe. Well, after someone lets them out and Kyle takes care of Black Hand. We still have a lot of questions, but one thing is certain. It’s definitely going to be an interesting ride.


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