Battle for Mars: A review of Avengers #3

Captain America has rallied the troops and now it is time to take the battle to Mars and save the Avenger! Man how often do you get to say that?


Post contains spoilers!

For those of you just joining us the Avengers are going bigger! Which I am not sure how they could get any bigger, they had tons of members and like 700 Avenger titles. The point is that the main Avenger lineup is trapped on Mars. It is up to Captain America and the reinforcements to save the day! But on Mars something else is happening that might change everything! Well everything having to do with this story.So on Mars with have Ex-Nihilo, Abyss, and Alpha. There job is to go around to planets and well “change” them. This could be done by destroying everything, leaving it be, or improving it. Currently the plan is to take out Earth and start anew and that is where the Avengers come in.

But on Mars, Ex-Nihilo has created a new human! There is a slight problem with him, he is speaking in Builder machine code. To me or you that means nothing but it takes Abyss by surprise! Speaking of surprises, Captain America and the gang are finally on Mars! Apart from fighting on Mars, nothing seems to be happening. While both sides fight, however no one is really gaining any ground. That is until Captain Universe comes across Ex-Nihilo’s human. That is when things get crazy.

She seems to understand the human’s language and then calls herself Equilibrium. Once she says that Ex-Nihilo and Abyss start treating her like a god. Turns out that the Builder’s system of work is broken and outdated. While they are able to understand Alpha says no and attacks! At this point the Avengers are completely lost and they just hope they come out on top. Alpha is destroyed and peace is found.

While the Avengers take the new human to Earth, Ex-Nihilo and Abyss are given Mars. The Avengers are actually pretty cool with that as long as they don’t come marching down to Earth. So that is one way to wrap up a story. I honestly thought there would be more ass kicking but I guess it is only issue three. I have to wonder what they are going to build up to. They keep having ominous text in these issues that doesn’t directly point at anything. Something else to keep in mind is the new human they have brought back with him. Will that just be swept away under the rug or will it become a major plot point!

Regardless of Marvel’s plan, I don’t know how you could not like the Avengers. I mean with the expanded roster there are so many great characters on the team! There are still a few we don’t know about yet and I can’t wait to see who is there. Will it be someone old or new! I am sorry guys but new comics are very exciting!


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