Review of Nightwing #16


“What kind of host would I be if I didn’t have a little something extra for the worst of the bat-fakes?”

***Contains Spoilers***

Poor Dick, he was just getting the Amusement park and the Circus going and his dream of revamping Amusement Mile was becoming a reality. Then the Joker came back to town. I am a big fan of Nightwing, always have been and I was happy to see his life really coming together. Although I knew that it wouldn’t last, drama sells more issues than mundane everyday life.

I have to say that the Joker has really stepped things up. We all knew he was a homicidal maniac, but to basically take out the whole circus? That’s messed up and digging up deceased members of the circus is pretty twisted too. Which reminds me, how many people does the Joker have working for him? Think of all he has done in Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and the other comics. He has schemes going all over Gotham simultaneously. That has to take a lot of help. Although as we have seen there are plenty of Joker groupies.

I have greatly enjoyed this crossover, except for the timing questions which I have talked about extensively. This crossover has done a great job of showing the Joker’s true colors. This crossover will definitely have long lasting repercussions throughout the Bat Family. What will Dick do now? After all of his dreams have been destroyed and Haly’s Circus and Amusement Mile being decimated how will he recoup his investment? I really do feel bad for Dick. He is a good guy who has worked hard his entire life and endured severe hardship. I am sure his faith will be shaken, but in the end I am sure that he will carry on and survive.

And again we have the bloody platter(I mean that in every sense of the term). I am both eager and nervous to find out what is under the cover. The Joker seems to be showing it to each member of the Bat Family in turn. So it is either the same gruesome thing or it is individual to each person. There seems to be quite a bit of blood on the platter, which leads me to think it is part of a person or persons. This leads me to think it may be someone who is special to each member of the Bat Family. I really hope it is not Alfred or Gordon. Although at this point I do not think anyone is safe.


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