Worst family ever! A review of Wonder Woman #16

Or the best family ever depending on how you look at it. Either way the hunt for Zola’s baby continues!


Post contains spoilers!

Another Wonder Woman comics with three different plot lines going. Not really a bad thing, but as someone who just got done playing Lego Lord of the Rings, I could use a solo plot. Anywho, we again have Wonder Woman looking for Zola’s baby, the First Born coming back into the world, and Zola and Hera at a bar! I have said it before and will say it again but I am loving this actually title even if I am not thrilled with the triple plot! Lets stop talking and get down to the story.

Last issue ended with Milan attacking Wonder Woman and Lennox. After demanding they stop fighting he eventually lets them go. Which finally gives everyone a chance to talk, which might be helpfully since they came to Milan for help. Orion also lets them know why he is there. While Earth is normally is a get away for him, he has learned that there is a threat to the universe. The end of time beings with the last of the line at the hands of a new god. Now the only new god we have is Zola’s baby but it is hard to imagine a baby as a cosmic threat. Maybe it is Zeus’ first born we should worry about..but we will get to that later. Wonder Woman and Orion agree to work together to find the baby, but when they find it will they have different plans in mind? Milan finally uses his powers to look all over the world. He finds the baby with Demeter. This is something we already knew but now the gang knows. But there is something else…the baby was able to see Milan.

Back in Antarctica things start to get messy. It seems that huge frost giants that guard over the First Born are some spawn of Hades. That doesn’t stop him however, this guy is a power house! They are also very bloody for huge frost giants. I mean you would think being huge frost giants they would just break apart but nope this is blood explosion! We also find out some more about who dug up the First Born. Well by find out I mean we see her face. It seems she has some kind of cybernetic neck. Other than that we don’t find out much. Also the First Born’s armor and stuff isn’t what I wasn’t thinking it would be. It is the skin of a dragon he killed with his hands. While it doesn’t look like I thought, it makes him kick even more ass. But with the guards dead he can finally turn his focus to Olympus.

In New York Zola and Hera finally sit down to have a drink but it doesn’t take long until the are joined by another guest. It seems that War is also at the bar. In fact as time goes on more of Hera’s children show up. I am not sure if they were followed or if gods just really enjoy that place. I like to think it is that latter. Similar to the Road House in Supernatural which was a hunter hang out. Now none of the other gods seem to care for Hera and Zola is not exactly a threat so it is unclear why so many gods show up to the bar. Rumor is that War might try to kill Wonder Woman but I am not sure if we can trust that info. Of all the gods War seems the most likely to just sit and watch.

So again, while it is another triple plot, it is an enjoyable issue. I am not sure how other people like it but I have enjoyed the Wonder Woman solo title. I have talked about this before but I love different twists and interpretations on mythology. You just get to have so much fun with it. However, with these many characters it can get hard to follow at times. Even more since everyone hates each other and is gunning for themselves. But I think we all know that Wonder Woman will kick their asses! It is also worth noting that both Zola’s baby and Zeus’ first born have the same sort of eyes. This could end up being nothing or it could end up being everything. Guess we should keep and EYE on it!

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