Killing like it is his job: A review of Deadpool #4

Oh wait, killing is his job! And Deadpool does a lot of it this issue. Might as well put on “Another bites the dust” by Queen. In fact just go listen to Queen. If you don’t like Queen then go home. Freddie Mercury aside, lets talk Deadpool!


Post contains spoilers

So as you all SHOULD know, Deadpool has been charged with taking out resurrected presidents. S.H.I.E.L.D. needed someone to take them out and Deadpool was the man to call! He has done a ‘good’ job so far but there are still many more presidents out there to take out. I hope all this talk about killing presidents doesn’t get me on some F.B.I. watch list. You probably get put on that list just by saying that…Well I will just put the blame on Deadpool who is about to take out J.F.K.

Down in South Florida, J.F.K. is the first to be put down this issue. We even get to see Deadpool dressed as Marilyn Monroe! Next up come some D-list presidents causing some trouble in San Francisco. But that isn’t a challenge for a Deadpool! Thankfully they tell us who they are because I wouldn’t know who the hell they were otherwise. We have 10th,11th,12th, and 13th. Which gives us John Tyler, James L. Polk, Zachary Taylor, and Fillmore! Yea I think Polk is the only one I somewhat recall. Funny how most history classes I have taken jump from the revolution to the Civil War. As for Deadpool he is Canadian and I am not sure they even have a government.

Next stop is Hoover Dam! Now I have been to Hoover Dam and I never got to see any dead presidents die(or Transformers) so I want my money back! This time we have Hoover(31st) of course! Along with Calvin Coolidge(30th), Warren G. Harding(29th) and Buchanan(16th). It seems the plan is for Hoover to blow up his own dam. Which I don’t think is a smart move but these are undead presidents trying to destroy the country so what do I know?

Now we are getting to some bigger names down at San Onofre Nuclear Power plant! Martin Van Buren(8th), Andrew Jackson(7th), Franklin Price(14th). John Adams(2nd), John Quincy Adams(6th), and Lincoln(16th) are also there but I don’t believe any of them die. Lincoln for sure makes it out of there. But while Deadpool is a little(okay a lot) bit crazy, he isn’t stupid! He is able to place a tracker on them as they leave. It turns out they are heading to Vegas! We also find out that Michael, the necromancer who started all this, did in fact used to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. But who he worked with was buried and hidden away! But Agent Preston is able to dig it up!

While Deadpool has been busy, his fight with Lincoln is the main focus of this issue. In case you forgot, shame on you if you did, Lincoln shot Deadpool in the head twice already! Now in an arena in Vegas the two are finally going to duke it out! The fight was in Lincoln’s favor for a while. I mean I don’t think Lincoln could have killed Deadpool but he sure did give him a beating. In the end Lincoln ends up losing his head. No I mean he gets his head cut off. Along with all the other presidents with him! But last-minute Taft flies in and saves Lincoln. So while he gets away Deadpool saves Vegas. Which is good because Vegas is his kind of city.

But this whole thing is far from over. While they are cheering for Deadpool on Earth, something dangerous is happening in space!

If you haven’t read Deadpool yet I don’t know why you haven’t started. I honestly don’t know how you can’t like Deadpool! Plus it is great to see him running around chopping old presidents to bits! It is a great comic and teaches you some history at the same time. What more can we ask for? I am loving what Marvel is doing with Deadpool and I can only hope that once this story ends a even greater one will take its place!

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