Review of Superboy Annual #1


“Don’t you recognize the cavalry when you see it?”

***Contains Spoilers***

I really wish that DC would use it’s annuals to add another issue to it’s crossovers. Much like Batman Annual #1 offered little to further the story line of the “Night of Owls” crossover, this issue offers little to further the “H’El on Earth” story. This does not mean it isn’t a good issue. It is, in fact, a good issue. Hey, at least it wasn’t 30 pages plugging a spin off that I have no interest in. It is mostly about Superman and Superboy escaping the prison(?) they were sucked into in Superboy issue #16. It is a good character story that shows the two of them not only learning about each other, but how the other sees them. Personally I think that Superman does come off a little preachy at times when talking to Superboy. As I said the majority of the issue is them trying to find a way back to the Fortress of Solitude, and making some new enemies on the way(whom I am sure will come back later). Back in the Fortress two and a half minutes go by, even though it felt like day for Kal and Kon(Superman and Superboy).

When I first saw that the art team for this one issue included 4 different artists, 2 inkers and 4 colorists I was a little confused. I mean most issues have at most 1 penciler, 1 inker, and 1 colorist. However, after reading the issue and realizing that the shift to different dimensions that operate under different space/time rules I saw that it worked. I though the art throughout the issue was well done.

I enjoyed the issue, but as I mentioned before I wish more had been done with the H’El storyline. It is nice to see Kal and Kon become closer and I think Blastor has great potential as a villain. I am really enjoying the H’El on Earth story arc so far. There are still a great many questions that have yet to be answered. What happened to H’El during his journey? Will they have to kill him to stop them? What will this do to Kara and Kal’s relationship?

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