Riot in Manhattan: A review of Uncanny Avengers #3

I can’t remember if I did a review of Uncanny Avengers #2 but things get out of hand quickly this issue and that is all that matters right now.


Post contains spoilers!

Let me catch you up to speed on this one. Uncanny Avengers is a team of Avengers to show that mutants are just like us. Lead by Alex Summers(Havok), brother of Cyclops, the team hasn’t seen much action yet. I mean Rogue and Scarlet Witch have been captured by Red Skull(Who bonded himself with Charles Xavier’s brain) and Havok doesn’t really want to lead the team at all. But when Red Skull shows up in the middle of Manhattan and starts turning people on mutants they have no choice but to step in. Now Red Skull is not alone, he has his own team of people, the S-men! They have all been “wronged” by mutants. Regardless of their back stories these are not people you want to fight.

So Manhattan is in total chaos with people beating each other to death. Thankfully Havok, Wolverine, Captain America, and Thor step in and try to do some crowd control. With Xavier’s brain, Red Skull is able to see people who have the mutant x-gene but might not have powers yet. So you have people turning on others who don’t even know they are mutants. Havok splits up the team to cover more ground. By the time they get there things are a mess and they have to make up for lost time. However things are just getting started and they are going to get worse.

You would think it being Manhattan like 20 other heroes would show up from just patrolling. But I guess we just have to overlook that and let it slide and move on. Like I said before, things get even worse. You have Captain America fighting the urge to fighting Havok, you have Thor completely under Red Skulls control, Havok struggling to keep things together, and a rabid Wolverine. You see during an attack from Thor, Scarlet Witch and Rogue are able to break free and find Wolverine. They tell him the news about Red Skull’s new power. After hearing that Red Skull dug up Xavier he loses it. Logan goes away and the Wolverine comes out.

Wolverine is able to get one attack in before he gets taken out. He cuts off one of Red Skull’s hands but shortly after Thor smashes him to the ground. Manhattan has become Red Skull’s playground and at this rate no one will be able to stop him. Now this team was made to try to shed a better light on mutants. Showing the Avengers trusted them and have the brother of Cyclops leading it. But right now they aren’t doing a very good job..not that it is an easy one. Right now it is up to Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and Havok to save the day. However it won’t be easy, they are already two men down and Red Skull only grows stronger.

I will say that I feel like great things will come from this book. I will admit that I had my doubts at first. But keep an eye out on this book. The only thing I really hope for is Captain America punching Red Skull in the jaw. If that doesn’t happen I think I will cry.

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