Review of Aquaman #16


“Refuse to spill blood in a war and you’re going to get yourselves killed.”

***Contains Spoilers***

As the Throne of Atlantis crossover heads towards it’s conclusion in Justice League #17 we finally learn who is behind the whole thing and why. I will admit that I assumed that Orm was behind the whole thing. I was happy to see the Geoff Johns decided to throw a curve ball my way at the end of the issue. It also looks like we may finally learn a little more about the piranha-people from the first story arc of Aquaman. It seems that they have links to the King of Atlantis and his scepter. Well, a scepter that used to be the Kings.
The reserve League seemed to work fairly well together. There was some friction between Hawkman and the others, but it did not seem to slow them down much. I was a little disappointed that we did not see all the members we saw at the end of Justice League #16. Green Arrow, Zatanna, Shazam and Goldrush were not shown. They may have been elsewhere in the city (have you ever been to Boston? It’s a fairly large city.) or maybe they could not get there in time. Regardless the reserve team did not seem to have a clear leader. I guess the blame for that would fall to Cyborg, since he is the one that called them in. He also seems to have let the rest of the League out of the picking process. Batman did not seem happy and Diana seemed confused. In the Obsidian Age when Batman called in his back up Justice League he did not tell the other League members either, but at least he had the good sense to appoint Nightwing as the leader. Batman: 1 Cyborg: 0 Although Vic should get a point for sacrificing part of his remaining humanity so that he could help his friends. As he told Batman “You needed me.” I know that Vic has always struggled with the fact that he is mostly machine and was originally very resistant to the breathing “upgrade”. We’ll call it a tie.

I like the fact that Orm isn’t a bad guy in all of this. I will admit that I fell into my old DCU viewpoint of Ocean Master the villain, not just Orm, King of Atlantis. Granted, he is about to kill millions of people, but by his peoples traditions and customs he feels he is in the right. Mabe I should have seen him as the red herring(unintentional fish joke!). Hopefully Aquaman and the others can convince him to back down. I am fairly certain that the horde of hungry fish people will help unite them.

February marks the end of the Throne of Atlantis, H’El on Earth and Death of the Family crossovers, although Rise of the Third Army just becomes Wrath of the First Lantern. I am hoping that maybe we can get back to some more simplistic storylines. Let Batman focus on Batman, and Aquaman focus on Aquaman.

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