Review of Batman: The Dark Knight #16


“They have me from every direction…seventeen to one…I call that a fair fight.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Well, Scarecrow is back in Arkham where he belongs. Now Batman faces off against the Mad Hatter while Bruce Wayne is forced to choose between his relationship with Natalya and keeping his secret. In both instances Bruce/Batman is not going to have an easy time of dealing with the problems at hand. I think Gregg Hurwitz has done and continues to do a great job in showing the tug of war between both sides of Bruce’s personality. Batman’s villains are some of the most psychotic in the DC universe. Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman have powerful enemies, but Batman’s have always been the craziest. It is difficult to deal with that much crazy without becoming insane yourself. Adding to that the fact that there are few that he can confide in and the problems compound each other.

No superhero has an easy time with their dual identity. No one wants to put loved ones in harm’s way and it is a terrible burden to keep someone else’s secret. I think it is slightly easier for someone like Flash or Superman to deal with a civilian identity because of their speed. They can quickly race across town to make a date or more easily make time for a significant other. Of course they still have their problems. Batman has many responsibilities as a costumed hero and as Bruce Wayne. He has Gotham to patrol, sure he has help, but the others still look to him for guidance and support. He also has Batman Incorporated to lead. Granted, most of them are self-sufficient for the most part, but he still needs to monitor their activities. As Bruce Wayne he has Wayne Enterprises to run and also has various charity appearances that he makes in order to keep up his cover. All of this makes having a romantic relationship problematic at best.

We do not get to see much of Mad Hatter, but what we do see fits with what I said above. The guy is crazy. I know, “Of course he’s crazy. He’s the MAD Hatter.”. I am a little curious to see what his scheme is. I get that he is trying to find people to play out some sort of fantasy or something like that, but what exactly is still up in the air. Ethan Van Sciver does a great job at making the Mad Hatter look scary as hell. I look forward to seeing where this storyline goes.

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