Review of Green Lantern Corps Annual #1


“The Guardians have turned against the Corps!”

***Contains Spoilers***

Alright, A LOT happened in this issue. This is the climax of the Rise of the Third Army. Really it is the end of act one of the larger crossover(no idea what they will call it), act two begins next week with Wrath of the First Lantern.I really enjoyed it, I only wish it had been longer. Not that the story felt rushed or anything. I am just a greedy fan and always want more of a good thing.

Like a I said a lot happened, but there are still things we don’t know. We still aren’t any closer to getting Hal or Sinestro back and somehow the Book of the Black transported B’dg and Simon to the Chamber of Shadows with Black Hand. Poor Simon is having one HELL of a week. A week ago he was just Simon Baz, car thief. Now he is super-hero about to go up against a legit super-villain while the fate of existence hangs in the balance. We finally get to see Kyle with Guy(they have not been seen together since the New 52 began. People comment on Kyle being a White Lantern, but it is difficult to gauge if this is the first time they have seen a White Lantern, or if it is just the first time they have seen Kyle as a White Lantern.

I do have one small complaint, where were the rest of the Colored Corps. In one of the Blackest Night issues there is a great two page splash of the Green Lanterns with the Red and the Blue, plus the Sinestro Corps and the Indigo Tribe and Star Sapphires all fighting together. Where were they? Atrocitus shows up with a bunch of Manhunters, but where was everyone else? The Red Lanterns don’t strike me as the cautious type. And what about the Blue Lanterns? Saint Walker was with Kyle, but what about Brother Warth and the others? They aren’t overly numerous, but they would have been a great asset for the Green Lanterns. We only see Indigo-1 and Carol from their respective groups. Even Larfleeze showed up to fight. If Larfleeze is willing to show up and fight everyone else should be there too.

Okay I lied I have another complaint. Why didn’t Simon or B’dg make Guy a ring? Back in Green Lantern #16 Simon specifically asked if the ring could duplicate itself. As we all know, the answer is yes. So, why if Simon can make the ring do the impossible, did he not make the ring do one of it’s more basic functions? Sure I guess Guy wanted HIS ring back, but they could have at least offered.

Well, this ends the Rise of the Third Army and next week we begin the Wrath of the First Lantern. I am excited to see where they are taking this and about finding out more about this mysterious First Lantern. Will Kyle stay a White Lantern? Will Hal return?(I hope the answer is yes to both), what will become of the Green Lantern Corps when this is all over? We have A LOT of questions, but it looks like it is going to be one hell of a ride.

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