Review of Superman #16


“I’m going to stop you–if I have to pull my home down around your head!”

***Contains Spoilers***

This is one of those times when I am not sure how the heroes will win. Usually Superman can handle most super-villains. You would figure Superman, Superboy and he Justice League could handle just about anything. I think that was what Superman was thinking when he called for the League’s help with H’El. However they have not had much luck. Since Superman and Superboy called in the League, Superman and Superboy were temporarily trapped in a pocket dimension, Flash has been teleported to the Watchtower and H’El moved the Fortress of Solitude and is poised to destroy the Solar system. Doesn’t look good for our heroes.

It was nice to see a little more about H’El’s past, although we still have no clue as to what gave him his unusual powers. It is something I am rather curious about and I really do hope that we either learn about it in the next few issues or they at least keep H’El around so they can go into it in future issues.

We see this mysterious Oracle character again, although who knows what his/it’s intentions/abilities are. Perhaps H’El is an unknowing pawn in a larger game? Another question in my mind is what will happen with the already tense relationship between Superman and Supergirl? Depending how this goes I may start following Supergirl again. This crossover has peaked my interest in Superboy.


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