Review of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #1


“I don’t need to remind you of what I always say, that we must avoid changing or rewriting the past.”
“You do always say that, but I am still not completely convinced and it seems like we often end up changing things anyway.”

***Contains Spoilers***

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who IDW is publishing a 12 part mini series, with one issue spotlighting each of the 11 incarnations of the Doctor. Now if you have no idea who Doctor Who is I suggest you go on Netflix and educate yourself. Seriously, you will not regret it and I bet you may even come back and thank me. Not gonna do it? Well, I’ll give a very brief summary to catch you up, but you really should go and watch the series yourself.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, last survivor of an ancient race. He travels throughout time(favoring 20th century England) in his TARDIS(time traveling spaceship, looks like a Police box) and one or more companions(usually human). He solves mysteries and saves people.(Or click here for 46 years in 6 minutes.)

Since they are going in order this issue features the first Doctor(portrayed by William Hartnell on television). His Companions in this story are Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton and Vicki. While on a trip to 1868 to hear a lecture by Thomas Huxley, they encounter the Zarbi. The Zarbi are an ant-like race that the first Doctor encountered in The Web Planet. An ancient entity called the Animus, is controlling the Zarbi and means to enslave the Earth. The Doctor and his companions are of course able to thwart the Animus and send the Zarbi back to their home planet. Everything is right with the world, or is it?

As the Doctor muses about how the Animus came to be on Earth in the first place he notices something else. His companions have disappeared. In the beginning of the issue we see a hooded figure looking at images of the various incarnations of the Doctor and the numerous companions that have accompanied him over the years. The figure says “The Doctor is never alone. I’m going to change that.” Who could this villain be? Well they appear to be humanoid and they know who and what the Doctor is. Only time will tell.

I enjoyed this issue. I think I might have enjoyed it more if I was more familiar with the First Doctor and I had seen Web Planet and knew who the Zarbi were. Still, the Doctor is still the Doctor. His appearance and aspects of his personality may change from regeneration to regeneration, but he is always the Doctor. If you are a Doctor Who fan I think you should pick up this series.


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