Review of Teen Titans #16


“Why something you think is so easy to do…is so hard for me…”

***Contains Spoilers***

This was a really good issue. It got me thinking that maybe Roy and Starfire could just stay and mentor the Teen Titans and Tim and Jason can travel the globe getting into trouble. Jason and Tim get along really well, which is funny since Damian hates both of them. Tim and Jason work very well together, and I think Roy mentoring the Titans would do wonders for his confidence and he has lots to offer them. Also we see the first appearance of Raven in the New 52.

There was only one thing that didn’t really fit. In Tim’s internal monologue he says that he and Jason haven’t talked a lot since Jason came back from the dead. So, if they didn’t know each other before becoming Batman’s sidekicks, and they haven’t talked much since Jason came back, how are they like brothers? I swear Scott Lobdell messes up his own continuity more than anyone else. Although I may be able to pin this one on Fabian Nicieza(who did the dialogue). Still, if you are writing about two characters, you really should do a little research into their relationship before writing anything. It is little things like this that bug the fanboys, like myself. Do the editors not look for continuity errors? I think I know the answer. Seriously I would happily do it for them. Even Threshold and Stormwatch.

Aside from that little hiccup, this issue was really a great read. Tim got to show off his detective skills and Jason got to shoot stuff. Although, we are once again left with the bloody platter question. Now we see that each person has their own platter, it isn’t just one platter he shows everyone. But, WHAT IS ON THE PLATTTER?!?! Knowing the Joker nothing is off limits. Pieces of someone? Gordon?, Alfred? Body parts from the Bat-Family?

While talking to James about possible outcomes of Death of the Family I came up with a theory. The question was “Will someone kill the Joker?” I mean, after all of this I do not think Arkham will be enough, plus he’ll just break out again. I think he may get killed. The question then becomes “Who will do it?” Let’s run down the candidates;
-Bruce. Bruce will want to but won’t because it would spit in the face of what he is trying to teach Damian.
-Damian. Again he will want to(he cares for Alfred more than he admits), but won’t because he wants to prove to his father that he is learning to be like him.
-Barbara. She wants it and she wants it bad, however I don’t think she has it in her.
-Tim. Tim, like Barbara, isn’t a killer, plus he doesn’t have the deep personal reasons to push him to do it.
-Jason. Eye for an eye. Joker killed Jason, so of course Jason would want to kill the Joker. But what impact would that really have on the rest of them. Which brings me to my pick.
-Dick. I think Dick will kill the Joker. The Joker just killed off the last connection Dick had to his parents and ruined his dreams. Joker has caused a lot of pain to Dick’s friends over the years(Barbara, Jason, Bruce, Alfred). Also if Dick kills the Joker it fractures the entire Bat family. Bruce would be angry that Dick(his best student) took a life, even if it is the Joker’s. Damian would side with Bruce. Barbara and Jason would be angry that Dick stole their kill and denied them the vengeance they wanted. Tim may not desert him, but still might be shocked that the man he has known for years turned on his ideals.

We will find out soon, everything comes to it’s climax in Batman #17.


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