Everyone Hates Hitler: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13

Now when I first saw the title for this episode I thought we were going to have more jumping in time. But instead we get the best kind of villains….Nazis!


Post contains spoilers!

Now I tend to stay away from forums and things like that because they are a breeding ground for slobbering idiots so I don’t know a lot of others thoughts on this season. I have given it  a lot of praise and you know what I am going to continue with that because this episode is fantastic for so many reasons. Last episode we learned that again the boys had connection to the supernatural world in past generations. That story continues and goes far beyond anything I saw coming. Honestly, I had a big stupid grin on my face for most of this episode. But enough of this, let’s get down to look at this episode.

So again last episode we learn of the Men of Letters and this “key” Now I have to apologize because I totally misheard some parts of last episode. The Key is actually something much more simple then what I thought it was. It is the key to the Men of Letters home base. Like the home base. Or as Dean called it, “The Bat Cave”! After digging around on Sam’s part he finds out about an old contact of the Men of Letters and a story saying he just died. This leads them to….wait for it….drum roll please….Zombie Nazis!

Now these are not mindless zombie Nazis. This is more of dark magic necromancer Nazis. Well actually they are members of the Thule Society. That is right boys and girls. In this episode we learn of a group of Jewish Rabbis that fought the Thule Society during War World II. I don’t know about you but that is pretty awesome stuff. This of course leads the boys to meeting the grandson of the man who died and more importantly his Golem. That is right boys and girls, fighting zombie Nazis not good enough for you? How about a real life Golem, I am talking actually born out of clay and shit!

Of course they find what the old rabbi was working on and found. It was a lost book full of Thule secrets. Turns out the guy who killed the old rabbi is still in town and comes after them. But thanks to Dean and mostly thanks to the golem, they are able to stop him.  Then just when you think the day is saved more Thule members show up to throw down. But being a zombie necromancer Nazis doesn’t mean you can’t die! After a shot to the head they are dead for about 12 hours. After that is some good old body burning. They are able to take them all out in the end and we are reminded that Sam and Dean are a very good shot.

In the end, the grandson takes the Golem with him and I guess he will try to continue what his grandfather did. I think we shall see him again. Sam and Dean head back to the “Bat Cave” and enjoy some well-earned rest. Now there is a whole lot more that goes on in this episode but I don’t want to completely spoil it for you. Plus there are somethings I want to talk about.

First lets talk about the “Bat Cave”. Now Sam and Dean have never had a real home. At least never one they could really call their own. I mean they have had bases they could work out of before but they were never a real place to call their own. However the “Bat Cave” is a place that is theirs. If Henry had been a father to John, both Sam and Dean would have become Men of Letters. As far as they know now, All the Men of Letters are dead and they might be the only ones who know about this place. Plus they are the only ones with the key! They are only there for about two weeks and we can already see it becoming home for them and I love it. There are things for both of the brothers to do. The best part of this whole place? We haven’t even seen it all yet!


We also have a great moment for all those Dean/Cas shippers. Now while Cas does not show up this episode there is a great scene in a bar where Dean gets hit on by another dude. He gets completely flustered and it is like a cheerleader walked up to a nerd in a teen movie. He has no idea what to do with himself. He isn’t negative about it or anything he just flustered by the whole thing. This is someone who has been using all kinds of lines on girls for the past eight seasons. But the second a man hits on him he goes blank. So while I believe Dean is straight I will say this. The writers know how to make the fan girls scream.

Sam also is really starting to embrace the whole idea of the Men of Letters. While Dean is like a kid in a candy story in the “Bat Cave”. Sam gets down to work on all the old books and such. Dean jokes about it but he turns around and tells Sam to keep at it. They might really be on to something with this place and I hope we get to see more of it in the upcoming episodes and seasons. Maybe even have Garth and Kevin come there? It really is a sweet place!


One Response to “Everyone Hates Hitler: A review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13”

  1. I think this episode opens the show up to so many more options. Let’s say Kevin deciphers the word of Gad and seals all the demons in Hell forever(there is something you don’t say every day). What do the boys do then? Well, here they have a vast storehouse of mystical knowledge that goes back for who knows how long. They know have a good base of operations to investigate all manner of supernatural events/things/stuff. I loved this episode.

    One thing, I had expected after two weeks to see some sort of warding symbols up around the place to keep out demons and unwanted angels, but I also suspect those might already exist.

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