Life in Philly: A review of Venom #31

Flash finally makes the move down to Philly but will it be for the best? And what might follow him to his new home?


Post contains spoilers

Venom has been having it rough for a while now. Not that Flash or Venom have ever had it easy. But New York was getting old and held too much pain. It was time to get away and start somewhere new. So his eyes turned to Philly. This issue is the first day of his new life. But will it really be for the best? Or will Philly suffer because of Flash/Venom being there? I guess time will tell but just when you think you have things under control is when they get bad. With something like Venom you always have to keep your guard up.

Flash tries making the best of his new life in Philly but all to quickly does he realize his first mistake…who is going to help him unpack? Now I don’t see why he can’t just Venom up and unpack it all himself but I guess that is out of the question. Something else is wrong. Flash is tired. And not just sleepy, he is drained and he is not sure which part of his life is making him like that. His life in Philly is not off to a great start. Alone and tired he doesn’t have much to do and that is making things worse. He doesn’t start to feel better until he heads out into the city that night.

While he only patrols a small part of the city he does get some work done. He isn’t stupid and knows that if Flash moves to Philly and Venom shows up in Philly people might put things together. That is the problem when you have friends who are super smart and reporters. When he finally calls it a night he is too tired to unpack and doesn’t take his meds. It seems the Avengers are trusting him to keep Venom on a leash. But like most people in the world, Flash feels he doesn’t need it this one time. Things have been under control and Venom is still on a tight leash…However, that one time he skips might have been the time he needed it the most. Regardless he plans on not using it unless he has to use it.

When Flash wakes up it is to police banging on his door. But that is not the only thing that is odd. When he wakes up all the boxes are gone and everything is unpacked. It would seem his neighbor was attacked in his home and is now in the hospital. Flash didn’t hear anything and must have slept through it. Deep down however, Flash has a good guess on who might have done it…Very possible that Venom got loose and attacked this man. When Flash first got there the guy blew up at him for making too much noise. Seems like Flash is off to a great start!

In this issue we also have Flash’s finally goodbyes. He hangs out with Peter one last time. Visits his mom to see how she is doing after the seeing Venom attack the Human Fly. Sadly she isn’t doing any better but Flash promises to help anyway he can. Flash also tries to see Betty one last time but she stands him up, so he all he can do is leave her a message and head off to Philly. But there is one person who Flash didn’t say goodbye to and has come knocking. Eddie Brock is looking for him and with that Philly might get a little bit toxic…

So a slow issue for the most part but it is just showing Flash in his new surroundings. The main thing to take away from this is that Venom might be getting out of control and Eddie might come back into the picture soon. Since getting binding with Toxin, we haven’t seen much from Eddie. But I have said it before and I will say it again. I love seeing symbiotes fight each other. So I do hope we see Toxin soon. Plus it gives me chills when Toxin calls Venom Grandfather. Awesome and creepy at the same time!

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