Review of Earth 2 #9


“I don’t need your help to do the right thing, Nabu.”

***Contains Spoilers***

Back when I first heard that DC was going to do an Earth 2 book I was hoping to see certain characters that had grown attached too while reading JSA. In particular I was hoping to see Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Ted Grant(or Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat), Stargirl, Sand, Damage and Doctor Fate. We have already met Jay and Alan, and Stargirl is going to be in the Justice League of America(good for her). We may have lost Sand and Damage, but they did give their predecessors their powers. So, at least Sanderson and Grant live on in spirit. We first heard of Doctor Fate from Hawkgirl back in issue #2, but we don’t see him until this issue. Well, we sort of see him.

Instead of using Kent Nelson, the Strauss’ or Hector Hall DC decided to come up with a completely new Doctor Fate, Khalid Ben-Hassin. We do not get to see him as Doctor Fate in this issue, but that not stop him from contributing. Where as previous versions of the character needed to be wearing the helm and vestments of Fate, Khalid has some use of his powers without them. We are not given much of his origin, other than when Hawkgirl got her wings he was chosen by Nabu. In a similar way to the Dr Fate from Smallville he fears his powers and is reluctant to wear the helm, for he fears that Nabu will take over. We also meet Wotan, an old Dr Fate villain(you may remember him from his appearance on some Young Justice and Batman: Brave and the Bold episodes) who is trying to break into Fate’s Tower.

It seems that Hawkgirl is holding a grudge against Alan for refusing the team-up offer. That or firing a rocket launcher at a dummy in a Green Lantern t shirt is her way of saying “I love you”. Fate also is reluctant to help, but he and Kendra seem to be old friends. Jay makes a rookie mistake(because he is a rookie) and oes to see his mom, where the World Army is waiting. Here is a tip; when a Greek god bestows special powers upon you do not leave your cell phone at the scene. I still have hopes that eventually Wesley and the Atom will join up with Hawkgirl and Jay. I am still waiting for Wildcat to show up as well.

I thought this was another great issue. the plot keeps moving and it is moving in interesting ways. Our new heroes are slowly coming together, although they face plenty of threats along the way. I mean they not only have to contend with the World Army and the impending prophecy of doom, but now Khalid and Jay, along with Jay’s mom are in Nabu’s realm facing down Wotan. OH, and let’s not forget that Steppenwolf and Fury are still out there.

One Response to “Review of Earth 2 #9”

  1. Robert Hulshof-Schmidt Says:

    Nice review, thanks. As a looooong-time JSA fan, I’ve had mixed feelings about Earth 2. Robinson’s writing is at its best again (yay!), many old favorites are starting to show up (yay!), nobody is quite like I remember them (sometimes boo!). As reboots go, it’s well-done and interesting and the pacing is just about right. I’m ready for a team, though, pretty soon…

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