Review of Human Bomb #3(of 4)


“Lady, if I’m the smartest guy in the room, then we’re in big trouble.”

***Contains Spoilers***

I have to say, this is not what i expected after reading issue #1. I liked this issue, it is just the whole alien invasion plot-line came up quick. They went from raiding a lone crashed ship on the first page to being on board on of dozens(hundreds?) alien ships in a fleet around one of Jupiter’s moons. I’m not complaining, in fact with in the confines of the story it fits and all, it was just a far leap from what I was thinking.

Michael is still learning the true extent of his powers and there is one hell of a learning curve. It seems that he can also hurl explosive fireballs at things. We did get introduced to Neon, he appears to be this world’s Dr. Manhattan. He teleported in, scanned some genetic structures and teleported out again. But it seems he was too busy to go on the raid to the C.R.O.W.N. with Michael and Joan.

I guess it is up to Michael to stop the impending invasion of Earth, but can he do it and get him and Joan safely back to Earth? Overall I like this character and regardless of what Earth he is on I would like to see him again after this mini series is over. Hey, it worked for Huntress. This is still a good action series.


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