Final Stand Part 2: A review of Swamp Thing #17

Swamp Thing and Animal Man have come a long way but will they be able to stop the Rot for good?


Post contains Spoilers!

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Swamp Thing and Animal Man are so close to fighting Arcane and ending this war. However one last thing stands in their way…the ones they love the most. Twisted forms of Abby Arcane and Maxine Baker attack them with full force. It is here that Swamp Thing and Animal Man learn the true fates of their loved ones. This whole time they have had hope that their loved ones were still alive. But all that remains is a monster with their name and memories. Arcane took away their hope and now they will take away his pawns.

This revelation stuns them for a time but both are able to rally back. They refuse to let their loved live as these evil creations. They are able to put them down but this battle is far from over..The only hope is the Bat-bot. If they can get it high enough and blow it the growth formula will rain over the world. But even with his best warriors defeated, Arcane is still dangerous. He will stop at nothing to crash the Bat-bot. Swamp Thing and Animal Man take to the sky to have a final showdown with Arcane. Things look iffy for a while, but with some help from Beast Boy they are able to hold off Arcane long enough.

They are able to get the Bat-bot to blow up and make it rain. However, Arcane retreats to the castle and when Swamp Thing and Animal Man finally catch up with him, things do not go well. Arcane admits that he lost this time. But he is death and that is timeless. He will simply jump back and do it all over again until he wins! Just saying, he makes jumping back in time look really easy. Our Heroes have come all this way just to fail…unless an unlikely ally helps them.

The two finally met the Parliament of Decay. They explain something that some people might have forgotten. It is not the Rot that is evil and dark, but Arcane. The Rot is death and death is part of the natural cycle of things. Arcane has destroyed this concept and they want him stopped. They have power left to send Swamp Thing and Animal Man back once. After that they will not be able to help them again. Now these two have already been tricked by their own elements and think it might be a trap. But at this point they have no choice. The jump in and Rot world comes to an end.

So we leave Rot World and the year that never was. All the blood, death, and sorrow that Swamp Thing and Animal Man saw never happened. That is if they are able to stop Arcane. I find the ending pretty weak. I mean the last thing we see if Swamp Thing and Animal Man jump in. So are they going to fight Arcane right away? Or will he get benched and brought back at a later time? I think they could have given us a little more.

Next month in their #18 issues we will see the costs of war plus their greatest lose! Whatever that actually means I am not sure. I am sure they will have a hard time looking at a lot of people. Oh hey Flash, how you doing? Last time I saw you I smashed your head into a rock.

I will say for the most part Rot World was a fun crossover. They had a lot of room to play with different things and they used it. During the big battles go back and look and you see a lot of different heroes and villains in the background. The start was a little slow but it picks up quick after the first few issues. And like I said the ending could have been better. But if you look at some of the New 52’s other crossovers, they get a little crazy at times. I am looking at you Death of the Family and Rise of the Third Army! Both amazing crossovers but the timeline gets messy.

Messy timelines, I guess that is the New 52 for you.

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