Final Stand Part 1: A review of Animal Man #17

The end of Rot World is finally here! But when all the cards are down, will Animal Man and the others be able to save the world?


Post contains spoilers!

Animal Man and the others have finally made it to the gates of Arcane’s castle. But what guards the Kingdom of Rot? What waits them is Earth’s greatest heroes, the Justice League is all that stands between them and Arcane. Oh and not to mention all the other rotlings and creatures that are there. It is a bloody and smelly battle field but it is do or die time. It feels unnatural to fight what used to be the world’s best heroes but they all quickly find out they have no choice. But there is some good news, the Green has come to join the battle!

Swamp Thing and his army from Gotham are marching upon the castle. Both sides are fighting hard but it starts to look like a losing battle. While they are able to hold their ground they are not gaining any either. It becomes clear that Animal Man must go to Swamp Thing to end this. Only together can they hope to stop Arcane and end all of this. Animal Man is hesitant to leave his troops but Shepherd shows up with all his men. It has really become do or die now. If they fail here then the world will never heal and Arcane will have truly won.

While the numbers of the Rot seem endless, Swamp Thing does have a plan. It seems that the Bat-bot that Batman build is actually a bomb.If  they get it into the sky and blow it and it will seed the formula into the atmosphere. Then we will have green rain for all! There is just one problem…Swamp Thing can’t lift it…Looks like it will have to be Animal Man to the rescue but I feel like we are forgetting about something…Weren’t both Swamp Thing and Animal Man looking for someone? Arcane finally comes out of the castle with gifts for both our heroes. He is finally about to use the ace up his sleeve! Abby Arcane and Maxine Baker finally show themselves. Now we saw Abby die but we also saw several clones of her. That is what Arcane uses and what Swamp Thing has been feeling this whole time. Maxine is now the third hunter of the Hunters Three. Which is why Animal Man has felt her this whole time. Both were “alive” but not as either of them knew of remembered them.

So there you have it boys and girls. They have a plan but just when they think they might be able to pull it off it all comes crashing down. Will Swamp Thing and Animal be able to rally back from this and save us? And even if they stop Arcane what will happen then? Look for my review of Swamp Thing #17 to find out how Rot World ends and my thoughts on the crossover!

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