Review of Superboy #17


“I’m not backing down, Kara. I-It’s all or nothing.”

***Contains Spoilers***

When I picked up the first couple of issues of Superboy and Teen Titans I was not really impressed with the character of Superboy. Maybe it was because I liked the character of Conner Kent. Regardless of the reason I stopped following Superboy and didn’t give the character a second look, until now. At first I only picked up Superboy because of it’s inclusion in the H’El on Earth crossover. However, I find that I am growing to like the character and I think I may start picking up the issue again after the crossover ends.

A couple of big plot points occur in this issue. First off, H’El has robbed Superboy of the Kryptonian armor, this is important because it was what was keeping him alive. So, now we have the dramatic charge(after Supergirl nearly beat him to death) of SUperboy off to fight H’El and save Earth(even if it costs him his life). It’s a safe bet that he won’t actually die(or at least won’t stay dead), but the drama is still there.

The other big plot point comes from the Herald. He is that big bug looking guy who blew a big horn back in Superman #1(the one that tricked me into reading Stormwatch #1). He tells Oracle that he detected five anomalies on Earth. He does not go into detail, of course. Does this have something to do with the timelines being merged back in Flashpoint? Is DC setting up for the Final Blackest Infinite Time Crisis War crossover? Maybe just setting up another Superman story arc? Regardless, my spidey-sense tells me that it could be important.

I think the fight, one-sided though it was, between Supergirl and Superboy really shows how much Superboy has matured in a relatively short time. Instead of lashing out like a child, he stands his round and attempts to reason with her. We will never know if he could have talked her out of helping H’El(i’d bet no, but still), since Wonder Woman pitched in and took over the fight.

All in all this crossover is coming along nicely. We only have two more issues until we discover the fate of H’El and who knows how this will affect the Super-Family.


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