Review of Cable and X-Force #4


“What do you suppose are the chances they’ve a hat store around specializing in vintage fedoras? I’m feeling a bit naked.”

***Contains Spoilers***

So, this issue catches us up to the events that lead to the first pages of Cable and X-Force #1. We know what happened at the plant, we know why, the when and where who were never really in question. However Is still have one question. Why didn’t Cable even make an attempt to explain things to Havok? Granted, I am not sure that the whole “I had a prophetic dream and this isn’t murder I just averted a mutant war.” thing would have gone over great, but still it would have been something. Haven’t both of them heard more ludicrous ideas over the years? Cable is Havok’s cybernetically enhanced nephew who was raised in an apocalyptic future, you would think that right there would make most things believable.

Cable and his buddies are wanted and on the run, pretty par for the course really. I think Cable is more comfortable in that role, maybe it reminds him of his childhood? I am curious as to what people think Cable’s reasons were for attacking a fast food processing plant. I get that the media would drum up the whole “they’re mutants, they are evil, what more reason is there?” rhetoric, but what does Havok think? Havok and Cable may not be really close, but they have known each other for years and worked together several times. Havok has to know that Cable and the others wouldn’t just attack a random civilian food processing factory and kill everyone just for fun.

I think this is a great series, the back and forth in time style of story telling can wear on some people, but I am willing to endure it for the characters. I have always liked Cable, Colossus, Forge and Domino are a good mix of neutral and good and I love Dr. Nemesis. The guy is not only just as useful in a fight as he is in a lab, but his personality allows for great dialogue.

I am not sure what will happen next. I guess they will find a new base of operations and wait for Cable’s next dream. All the while trying avoid the million dollar bounty on their heads.

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