Man’s Best Friend with Benefits: A review of Supernautral Season 8 Episode 15

Sorry I missed last week. Things happened and I got around to reviewing nothing. I will be back this week in full force!

Supernatural explores something interesting this week and Dean tries his best not to make jokes about it!


Post contains spoilers!

Alright so here is what we missed in last weeks episode. Kevin has finally found out how to seal the gates of Hell! It is simple, just complete these three easy steps. The steps are just three trails that one must complete and boom, doors close. The first of these trails is to kill a hell-hound and…bathe in its blood. Now Dean being the big brother decides that he must be the one to complete these trails. But plot twist! During the actually fight with the hell-hound Sam is the one who kills it and completes the trail. The two must now wait for Kevin to translate and find out what the second trail is. In the meantime they will just have to settle for fighting witches.

Now to the current episode! The two get a text from someone who helped them with a case once. A cop by the name of James(But that is my name!) is in trouble. This being Supernatural things get weird after this point. Turns out after James met the boys he turned to witchcraft. We have met a lot of different witches over the years but never one like James. While he turned to witchcraft after meting the boys he only used it to help him be a better cop. That is better than eating candy that turns to razor blades! But now something has changed with James. He is having dreams, well more like visions, of himself killing people.

Here comes the real twist! The boys weren’t contacted by James but by his familiar. This is the first time we have seen a familiar in Supernatural! And the good news is that they are not trying to eat Sam and Dean. James’ familiar, Portia, is that one who texts Sam and Dean. Here is the twist in all this and I keep laughing trying to say it. When Sam and Dean first met her, she was a dog. Sam turns around to tell Dean about the dog and she is a lady. So of course Sam and Dean are caught by surprise. I don’t think either of them have been turned on by a dog before. Well a dog lady..well excluding that werewolf Sam banged..I am getting off topic. Portia fills the boys in and they go to confront James about all of this.

Sam and Dean are also not happy to hear about James becoming a witch. Dean has some pretty strong hate towards witches(Not like Sam is a fan or anything). But James did help them out once. So the boys will do their best to help. James believes that he is somehow being set up. He does not actually remember killing these people but the visions and dreams are becoming more and more real. To make things worse someone at James’ work is holding a grudge against him. The bad is building up and things are looking very bad for James. But this is Sam and Dean we are talking about. Things finally start falling into place and with the help of some witchcraft…the day is saved! Well as much as it could be saved, like five people still died.

This episode wasn’t amazing but it had its moments. Dean was a big boy. Portia and James are…close…And Portia spends half her time as a dog. He spends a lot of the episode trying to wrap his head around Portia and what she is. But there is something else that happens here that I want to talk about. The end of last episode left Sam and Dean in a weird place. Again Sam and Dean do these righteous brotherly love that they love to do. Dean wanted to do the trails because he wants to keep Sam safe. He doesn’t see the magic light at the end of the tunnel like Sam does. Sam does see the light, but he wants Dean there with him. Things get worse when Sam ends up killing the hell-hound over Dean.

While at first Dean wants to hunt down another hell-hound just in case Sam ever wants to back down, the never do. It isn’t really that he doesn’t trust Sam to do it. He seems to only trust himself. But, after this episode, he realizes that their family has gone through hell. Some of them literally. The only way they will be able to seal the gates of Hell is as a family. If that means that Sam has to do the trails instead of Dean than so be it! It is a big step for Dean. Also personally I don’t like how we have “Sam the Chosen One” again but that is a whole other story. But something is going on that we know nothing about. As the episode ends, Sam coughs up a little bit of blood…

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